With features for live sound such as ViSi iPad control and built-in stage box connectivity, the Soundcraft Si Impact digital mixer features a USB interface for simple multitrack playback and recording, directly from a single track, directly from a single track, directly from a single track, directly from a DAW platform.

Soundcraft Si Impact

The new Si Impact digital mixer Soundcraftwhose Mark sells Earpro, is designed to be as simple as an analog system, but has workflow improvements and a powerful DSP, factors that make it the ideal tool for live events and studio events.

With 40 inputs, the Soundcraft Si Impact enables powerful digital mixing for live with ViSi iPad control and integrated stage box connectivity to expand the number of inputs and outputs. In addition to the ideal features for direct sound, it has a USB interface of playback and recording of 32 inputs and 32 outputs that offers simple multitrack recording and playback, directly from a DAW platform.

Soundcraft Si Impact

The fully motorized faders come equipped with Soundcraft's FaderGlow lighting technology and LCD displays per channel for visual information and ease of operation.

If Impact offers 32 micro/line inputs, 40 DSP input channels (32 mono inputs and 4 stereo/return channels) and 31 output buses (with DSP process and graphic equalizer) with 20 subgroup auxiliary buses and 4 mono/stereo matrix buses.

It has 8 XLR/jack connectors for line inputs and instruments, while a 4-band parametric equalizer is available for each channel and bus.
It also offers studio-quality dynamics effects and process, from BSS, Lexicon and Dbx, a company that, like Soundcraft, belongs to the Harman group.

Soundcraft Si Impact

The Si Impact supports up to 8 VCA masters and 8 mute groups, plus 26 motorized input faders and LR/Mono (fully motorized, with four customizable fader layers). The console features a 5-inch color touchscreen for easy access to show settings, channel patching, effects, and security settings.

“El Si Impact es el primer mezclador de su categoría en lo que respecta a combinar el flujo de trabajo analógico con la flexibilidad digital. Y, además, aporta la mejor calidad de sonido de entre los equipo de su gama, siendo esta equiparable a la de consolas mucho más grandes y caras. Gracias al interfaz USB, es válido tanto en directo como en estudio”, comenta Sean Karpowicz, product manager de Soundcraft.

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By • 3 Dec, 2015
• Section: Audio, Control