Composed of three models, two for fixed installation and one for mobile events, this range of 600W amplifier allows asymmetrical power outputs that can be shared between output channels, as the company has shown during his participation Infocomm 2016.

Bose PowerShare Gaplasa

The new line of amplifiers adaptable PowerShare of Bose Professionalbrand that it sold in the Spanish market Gaps, has three models of 1U rack: two for installation sets of 2 and 4 channels (PS602 and PS604) and an amplifier for mobile installations of 2 channels (PS602P).

Each model provides a total of 600W which can be shared between output channels. With the possibility of working both in low and high impedance, these amplifiers PowerShare are adapted to a wide variety of applications.

Bose Professional InfoComm2016Built-in speakers processor and the ability to use remote controls in zone eliminates the need for an extra in many installations signal processor, to guarantee their reliability through the use of patented technologies inherited from the already proven series PowerMatch.

Patented PowerShare allows the asymmetric allocation of the total power of the amplifier between all outputs. Instead of selecting the power according to the needs of the greater area, installers now have flexibility, both during design initial or arise when changes a posteriori, to use all the power of the amplifier.

PowerShare amplifiers use Dual Feedback Loop (DFL), inherited from the line of amplifiers Bose PowerMatch, which improves the performance and reliability through continuous control of both the current as the tension carried each output load. This combination provides an improvement in linearity, as well as less distortion and speaker protection.

Bose Professional InfoComm2016In addition, each channel can be configured for low impedance (4-8 Ω) or high impedance (70/100V) applications without setting in bridge, use of jumpers or software changes.

For applications requiring additional signal processing, PowerShare Editor software provides control realtime EQ for speakers Bose, parametric EQ nine bands, mixing, crossover, limiters, delay, as well as mute and change of output polarity via USB connection.

For simple settings without PC on the rear panel provides installers use an equalizer and speaker protection Bose per outlet, eliminating the need for signal processors external in many applications.

Explains Ashraf Elghamrawi, director of amplifiers Bose product line Professional, "when an integrator is asked to expand an area beyond the power of the amplifier channel, will have to buy a more powerful amplifier or add a new one. Adaptable amplifiers PowerShare, the 600W can be used on all outputs and installers offer free use of the power where it is needed."

New zone controls

Bose ControlCenter GaplasaThe company also presented three new controls in ControlCenter zone for use with Bose FreeSpace and PowerShare amplifiers as well as ControlSpace processors, which will be available for sale next month during Infocomm 2016 of September.

The three models are: ControlCenter CC-1, that allows volume control; CC-2, which offers a/b source selection, volume control and DC-3, to quote source selection and volume control. ControlCenter units are very easy to configure with FreeSpace, PowerShare or ControlSpace products. Available in black or white, can settle in a European mechanisms box unit and connected in parallel to reduce the wiring.

In addition, the company has also shown four converter to one ControlCenter CV41, which simplifies the cabling when multiple controls in ControlCenter CC-1 zone with an amplifier PowerShare PS602 or PS604, are used as supports connection of up to four CC-1 controls, connected in Star.

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By • 20 Jun, 2016
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