Available in 55, 65, 75 and 84-inch versions, this line of interactive displays incorporate the module Android OPS and the Lux UI that provides an intuitive experience, thanks to its touch controls, and teachers and students make presentations and interact with information in a simple way.

Clevertouch Plus Lux

Charmex It has brought to the Spanish market Led panels Clevertouch Plus Lux that incorporate Android OPS interchangeable module and the user interface Lux, the most advanced large-scale interactive touchscreens. Some equipment for the educational environment that are available in 55, 65, 75 and 84-inch format.

The module removable Android OPS has been developed by the team of Clevertouch engineering and incorporates important improvements over previous series Plus, in order to be able to work with a highly reliable and able to withstand intensive use. In addition, being removable, allows that, in the future, you can change by more powerful versions.

Clevertouch Plus Lux"Users are demanding is that the monitor is increasingly more autonomous, solving more situations without using an external PC and Clevertouch has made a great leap forward in this regard." "In this way, and just as we would do with the help of a PC, with Clevertouch Plus Lux is possible to directly select images, videos, audio and Office files for use in presentations", explains Daniel Galindo, responsible for product line Clevertouch on Charmex.

Clevertouch Plus incorporates the Lux UI that offers an intuitive experience thanks to its touch, controls familiar to any user of smartphones or tablets, and allows teachers and students to make presentations and interact with the information in a simple way. In addition, Lux provides access to a wide range of apps for primary and secondary schools through the Cleverstore store.

55- and 65-inch models are produced with a new technology of Clevertouch called Open Frame that is achieved to reduce the weight by 33%, which in the case of the 65-inch monitor goes from 68 to 44 kilos. In addition, the rounded edges and the entries USB and keypad side facilitates the use in interactive table.

Clevertouch Plus Lux range is protected by a tempered glare four mm safety glass with a hardness of 7 level scale MOHS and has a very resistant bezel.

Clevertouch Plus LuxThese panels are also equipped with Clevernote application which allows you to use the monitor as a slate with just touching the surface with your finger or the stylus, maintaining the accuracy and speed of writing thanks to a touch frame IR generation. "This is a very careful brand and highly appreciated appearance among clients, enabling you to work in a very intuitive and simple, as if it were with a flip chart or chalkboard of any kind", explains Daniel Galindo.

The presentations can be stored with a proprietary format (.enb) editable later, although the presentation can also be sent to the audience, storing it for future use without editing, or export it to images or PDF documents. Another of the improvements of the hand-held mode are default forms or broom, which erases all annotations and other objects from the current screen with a single click.

Another new feature of Clevertouch Plus Lux is the function Active allowing to move between applications that are active (for example of a Power Point to PDF, web browser or Whiteboard Clevernote). Thanks to this function, the presentation becomes very fluid, being able to stop dragging down applications that aren't used to free memory.

New Clevertouch Plus series keeps the possibility of generating a layer of annotations on any document (Office, videos, images), website or source of external image (display, document, electron microscope, receiver MiraCast camera and a PC). But added as a novelty the crop tool, very useful for example when you want to cut only a part of a web page and take it directly to the Blackboard to work on it.

Format support

Clevertouch Plus LuxAs in the previous series, it is possible to directly read files Office (Word, Excel, PDF, Power Point) with pre-installed WPS Office and Olive Office Premium applications. As a novelty, the WPS Office files player lets create files and store them with annotations made. Videos, images and sound can also be played directly on the monitor.

Files may read from the internal memory, USB key, from the Drive opening session with Google, or through Explorer ES File Explorer, capable of integrating the monitor on the local network or configure several platforms in the cloud as the own Drive , OneDrive, Dropbox, etc.

Monitors have pre-installed two applications for wireless presentations: AirPlay Server (compatible with Apple AirPlay) and eShare (compatible with Windows/MAC and BYOD Android or IOS computers), featuring screen mirror function, bin files and the monitor from the device control.

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By • 14 Jul, 2016
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