Charmex Clevertouch at Prat Educacio

The center has made an improvement in its audiovisual endowment, Incorporating monitors into the classroom Clevertouch Impact of 65, 75 and 86", distributing Charmex.

The center Prat Education has incorporated interactive monitors into its classrooms Clevertouch Impact of 65, 75 and 86 Inch. In this way, Teachers are more autonomous and can work without requiring an external computer. In addition, Keep the classes more dynamic and practical.

Located in Barcelona, Prat Educació is a private concerted and secular institution created the year 1925, with a post-compulsory training offer in Baccalaureate and Higher Level training cycles, in face-to-face and online mode. It is characterized by adapting to constant changes, train thousands of students and insert them into the labour market.

Throughout these years, with a model where the student is the center of education, from Prat have enhanced the talent of their students through personalized monitoring by all teachers and team of professionals. Its objective is that the student acquires those specialized knowledge that will allow him to face the future challenges that he proposes..

Charmex Clevertouch at Prat Educacio

To support teachers and learning, The center has made an improvement of its audiovisual endowment, advised by the AV integrator SME Tech Advisor and the distributor Charmex.

According to Justi Hidalgo, Head of Studies, Since the implementation of the monitors, the classes are more dynamic and more practical. They are useful in different subjects and training cycles.

"For example, for viewing images and videos with sufficient quality to appreciate color tones, Very important feature in marketing and advertising classes. Charts in DAM classes, programming, They are very sharp and help visualize information to work with students; while the handwriting conversion functionality into editable graphic elements is very useful".

Clevertouch Impact monitors, are an all-in-one solution, that allows teachers and students to work in class and in different situations using only this equipment. Among the features highlighted by the Head of Studies, There is direct access to system applications and trimming functionalities, compact, grouping images.

To add more interactivity in class they make use of the generator of QR codes, where at the end of class teachers save everything that is worked with the interactive monitor and create a QR that students can capture to obtain the information on the screen.

Also, "They can connect from different devices using the monitor's own app.. Very important for the presentation of work or sharing of documents of the students", adds Justi Hidalgo.

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by • 23 feb, 2023
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