This event took place in Barcelona, a Christie Boxer 4 K of 30,000 lumens was used to make projections of the main, coordinated control of Spyder video screen, and a 75-inch plasma and a totem pole display was installed in the information area, Interactive.

Eikonos World Marketing Festival

International marketing professionals met from 27 to 30 June in Barcelona in the World Marketing Festival, an event named as "meeting to think, share, and discuss about marketing in its widest dimension: strategy, generator of value and instrument for progress".

World Marketing Festival offered two types of activities. On the one hand, the Markethink with workshops, debates and conferences on current issues related to trends and innovation in this market segment. And on the other, the Barcelona Marketing Meeting with conferences and the delivery of the Marketing Leaders Awards highlighted where the best companies, professionals and sector strategies.

Eikonos World Marketing FestivalEikonos participated in this event as a partner of this last activity, providing their services and audiovisual equipment. For projection in the Center screen of live cameras and the presentations of the speakers, supplied projector Christie Boxer 4K of 30,000 lumens and coordinated with the Spyder video control.

Also, was also responsible for the recording of the event and two reference monitors were integrated into the stage. To complement their participation, they set up an information area with a 75-inch plasma and an interactive totem display.

The large number of presentations with changes of speakers along with the occupation of the space until the day before the evening made Eikonos team worked in record time in assembling and testing of the Marketing Leaders Awards.

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By • 15 Jul, 2016
• Section: Study cases, Control, Display, Production, Projection