With Christie Boxer 4K, 30,000 lumens projector and Dataton Watchout system, attendees at the Congrès de Penyes of Futbol Club Barcelona were able to enjoy images projected in HD in two 16:9 screen is displayed where the interventions of the speakers.

Eikonos Debuts Christie Boxer 4K

The Football Club Barcelona Penyes Congres has created the opportunity to Eikonos Audiovisual experience for its newly acquired projectors Christie Boxer 4K of 30,000 lumens ANSI in the Palau de Congressos de Catalunya. An installation that was performed by the hand of the company Events and allowed to provide a high impact in the Mise en scène.

Christie Boxer 4K, 30,000 lumens projector provides information easily through the integrated display either the app Christie Virtual Remote that incorporates wireless technology for short-range NFC for the transmission of data instant. These are the voltage, the hours of lamps, the serial number and the warnings of the appliance.

Christie Boxer 4K 30,000 lumensIt is characterized by being more efficient, since its size is less competition and more lightweight (68 kg) allowing the reduction of the costs of shipping and handling.

The resolution of projection is 4096 × 2160 pixels and the lamp life is 1,500 hours, with a noise level is lower of 54dB and a high resolution color. In addition, possessing six xenon lamps the failure of one of them in the middle of a projection is invisible to the eyes of attendees.

Christie Boxer 4K 30All these properties add to the use of a presentation at Alpha, on the one hand the integration of the image on the screen and on the other a stranger to this Fund, gets a complete visual experience, as that spectators could enjoy in the Palau de C ongressos de Catalunya.

The Watchout system was used in the event of Dataton that allowed project into two 16:9 screens to view the written support of the speakers in two different languages (catalan and Spanish) and in direct interventions with a picture in HD.

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By • 31 Aug, 2015
• Section: Study cases, Control, Display, Projection