Its infrastructure, deployed in 40 buildings that has this organization in nine counties, consists of a total of 63 players Moxie and 303 screens.

Omnivex Reid Health

Reid Health is a regional health care system which has 217 beds in main building and numerous satellite centers scattered around the areas of Indiana and Ohio (United States). This entity has extended through the region over the past years and the quality of the communication tools are a fundamental element to meet its objectives.

Omnivex Reid HealthFor the implementation of your digital signage network, Reid Health has backed the technology of Omnivex. Its infrastructure began implementing in 2007 with two screens that were used for internal communications and promotion of different events. A year later, the Reid moved to a new building and infrastructure was growing.

To date, it has total of 303 screens whose contents are provided through 63 players Moxie. An infrastructure that is deployed in 40 buildings in nine counties.

Screens, a wide variety of sizes, are used to provide information on waiting room, show the menu in cafeterias, provide internal employees information and communicate the different services that are offered.

Omnivex Reid HealthReid Health has also used Omnivex Moxie for interactive kiosks 'Wellness' and the auctions done in real time to raise funds.

With this network of digital signage, Reid has managed to optimize communication with patients and employees, in addition to having a tool that has serivido as a means of advertising.

Currently, Reid Health is installing a system of dynamic menu in the cafeteria that is integrated with CBORD database and that will show in real time, the different elements that compose the menu along with the price and the amount of calories in each food.

Also intend to install a directory showing how to get to the different area of the building, as well as an interactive directory of patients with wayfinding in the patient room.

Omnivex Reid HealthFinally, the Lean of the Reid Health Department had been planning large white boards with plastic covers to install in each one of the offices of nursing and its 37 medical clinics. A proposal that has been transformed by the introduction of screen producers Moxie.

There are currently, installed 25 screens as a pilot test and if the experience is successful should be extended to install a total of one hundred media player Moxie dedicated to this project.

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By • 28 Jul, 2016
• Section: Study cases, Control, Digital signage, Display, Health