Denver, Singapore and Lyon are some of the projects in which the company has participated to turn them into smart cities. However, Fujisawa Sustainable Smart Town is the most emblematic and where it has implemented technologies such as CityNOW, your On4Care telecare solution or your wayfinding kiosks. For its part, the Future Living Berlin is the latest.

Panasonic smart city

The smart city model for which it bets Panasonic is reflected in the different projects in which he is involved such as Denver, Singapore, Lyon or, the most recent, the Future Living Berlin, a complex of 69 apartments representing a modern and multigenerational society. Through a wide range of company technologies, the city adapts to the collective and individual needs of each household.

But if there is a smart city devised entirely by Panasonic where its motto "A Better life" is best reflected, to better world", this is Fujisawa Sustainable Smart Town. Located near Tokyo, the capital of Japan, is the most emblematic project of the firm. It is a city with capacity to 3.000 inhabitants that reduces energy expenditure up to a 70% in homes and a 20% in common areas. The first citizens of the project, which is expected to end in 2018, have already moved into their smart homes.

With the installation of water-saving equipment in buildings and the storage of rainwater to maximize its use, Fujisawa reduces by up to one 30% the consumption of this good. The Community Continuity Plan (CCP) guarantees normal city conditions at least for 3 days in an extreme emergency situation. The idea, still in the design process, is to create a structure that supplies a sufficient level of essential consumer goods, such as water and food, until normalcy is restored in the city.

Panasonic smart city

Panasonic's Smart City model

In Panasonic's smart cities, a series of technologies and innovations are implemented to provide its inhabitants with a new concept of intelligent life, connected and sustainable, which encompasses all aspects of their lives in terms of energy, safety, mobility, well-being and community.

CityNOW is Panasonic's intelligent technological vision that connects and links the different smart devices of its smart cities, empowering them with continuous real-time data transmission that allows them to respond to real-world events as they occur.

All this allows to improve the security of the city, a more efficient deployment of your resources and a reduction in energy consumption. In short, the CityNOW concept helps people to have a safer and healthier life in a more energy-efficient environment.

The D-I-Y home control and monitoring system allows any inhabitant to operate smart devices remotely to save energy and create a more comfortable and convenient environment in the home. Through the ORA Smart Home app, the user can control any smart device with the press of a key on the mobile.

Panasonic smart city

Led lighting

From smart and responsive lighting, that simulates daylight and saves energy to efficient air conditioning systems that provide optimal indoor air quality throughout the building, going through facial recognition security systems that increase security while creating an automated archive of all visitors. Panasonic solutions are helping businesses and institutions conserve energy, increase productivity and improve the safety of your buildings.

Panasonic is helping to drive the green revolution with the implementation of various solutions in the buildings of its smart cities such as high-efficiency solar panels or energy storage systems.

This bet extends to the streets with a public lighting based on Led lighting, solar awnings and electric vehicle charging stations. In this sense, Panasonic is the battery supplier for the Tesla and Toyota brands.

Energy Storage for Denver

In the case of the city of Denver, Panasonic is working on the development of a microgrid energy storage solution for the airport.

The project is designed to demonstrate the effectiveness of high-capacity batteries in a microgrid and will be part of a larger initiative that includes an extensive solar installation to power Denver International Airport's power grid.. An installation that, further, of a passenger transit space, aims to build an intelligent and interconnected community that integrates and adapts to the needs of both citizens and companies.

Panasonic On4Care

On4Care Telecare

Panasonic's telecare pilot program, On4Care, aims to empower older patients to stay in their homes rather than move to a nursing home.

The system allows patients to control their weight, blood pressure and temperature, and transmit those readings to a local care center. In this way, healthcare professionals are able to monitor patients remotely.

In Fujisawa City, beyond virtual care at home, its public spaces are designed to encourage social interaction and knowledge sharing between generations.

Wayfinding kiosks

Panasonic wayfinding kiosks help the inhabitants of their smart cities to obtain information about their usual displacements in real time. This is just one aspect of the CityNOW vision: provide information and services to people at the right time.

To make life easier not only for residents, but also to tourists and visitors, Panasonic offers digital signage and road safety solutions, as well as better road lighting with smart street lighting.

In terms of mobility, Denver's Light Rail system stands out. From the city center and ending at the airport, the railway line links the sprawling city, allowing their transit-oriented development to thrive.

These solutions were presented by Panasonic in the last edition of Smart City Expo World Congress 2016, that was held Fira Barcelona of the 15 to the 17 November.

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