12 is used to perform the mapping on the facade of the Terreiro do Paço and get a gigantic tapestry of 132 × 40 meters, Europalco Roadster HD20K-J, which provided a total resolution of 10, 500 × 3.200 pixels and 240,000 lumens, and three servers Pandoras Box.

The Association of tourism of Lisbon, next to the City Hall, asked earlier this year to the Portuguese Agency Bridge design a monumental multimedia show for the most emblematic building of the country, the Commerce Square.

The name 'The faces of Lisbon' with a duration of 15 minutes, projection put emphasis on changing aspects of the city, with events of the past and present, as well as the transformation and evolution that characterizes it, and some of their most emblematic characters, like the pescadera, the master who made walkways, the knife sharpener and other traditional occupations of the city.

Its objective was to encourage the summer evenings in the city, showing characters, places and key moments of the Portuguese capital through a projection of videomapping on the facade of Terreiro do Paço, which is known to the city's main square. The challenge confronting was to transform a facade of 132 meters wide by 40 meters high on a giant tapestry full of images.

To deal with this project, requiring experience and skill in this kind of shows both a powerful screening kit, the Bridge agency thought in Europalco to take charge of the technical direction of the vidéomapping. This Portuguese company of audiovisual solutions technical team carried out a previous measurement of the facades of Terreiro do Paço, on which each of the animations were in 2 and 3 dimensions, with the goal that each of them adapted to the forms and volumes of the building. Here the Agency played a key role Grandpa's Labwho was in charge of the creative production of the show.

In order to perform the mapping, Europalco designed a matrix based on 12 projectors Christie Roadster HD20K-J 3DLP, 20,000 lumens Technology Center and HD resolution. Teams were arranged in three groups of four projectors and each of them was placed in three towers built for the occasion within 40 metres of the facade. Each projector is responsible for the production of an image of 13, 5 × 24 metres.

The projectors were installed in vertical position offering a total resolution of 10, 500 × 3.200 pixels and 240,000 lumens.

Designed with specific characteristics (such as a built-in handles, a sophisticated aeration system and multiple attachment points), projectors Christie Roadster of the J-series have been built to withstand the busy life and the stress suffered by the equipment rental and entertainment, and to more than 20,000 lumens of rich, saturated colors.

Three servers Christie Pandoras Box were responsible for managing all of the content from projectors. Each of them controlling a group of four projectors. "It's a very agile and reliable system for the tuning of all the blending and the warping. A solution which knows no technical limitations, and provides tremendous versatility and creativity with friendly operation,"explains Pedro Magalhães, founder of Europalco.

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By • 15 Dec, 2016
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