In its facilities has arranged an extensive infrastructure of digital signage solutions including a Led screen elliptical transparent of nearly 100 square meters, which is suspended from the ceiling, and a totem of double face, which with its 9 m high is visible from the second floor.

The shopping centre Posnania in Poland it opened its doors last October by positioning themselves as one of the largest and most modern of Eastern Europe commercial buildings.

This Centre has a large number of AV facilities to attract the attention of the visitor and offer you a better shopping experience. Visual media are one of the most used and good part of its implementation has been carried out by the partner company of Scala, SQM Digital Signage, in collaboration with Apsys Lab. Interactive video walls, screens in different sizes and formats, and professional tablets have been some of the solutions used.

The installation of digital signage more striking and spectacular is an elliptical transparent Led display which is suspended from the ceiling. "It is the largest structure of this type in this part of Europe, with nearly one hundred square meters, and the only one that has an elliptical shape, with a transparency of 90%," explains Grzegorz Góralczyk, CEO of SQM Digital Signage. A structure that offers an ellipse of 360 degrees and which have been used from small 10-inch devices up to Led screens of more than 50 meters.

Under this spectacular setting, in the central part of the building, other two striking solutions are found. The first is a semicircular screen that forms a spectacular arc of 48 meters wide and provides 8.160 × 240 resolution. The second is a double-sided totem, composed of Led screens, coming up to the second floor with its 9 meters high. This totem have been placed two touch screens that allow you to become a Selfie, which is displayed on a large screen Led.

On the other hand, in the entry that there is the area of the parking has been installed seven 138 inch diagonal walls equipped with Kinect cameras to visualize scenes from the Mall. This configuration allows to offer augmented reality experiences using the space of the building.

This digital signage infrastructure is completed with several LCD screens and professional tablets, as well as social media tools, which provide information from the Mall. A network that consists of solutions NEC Display, Dell, Elo and Kramer, and is managed remotely via the Scala platform.

"Posnania digital signage installation is one of the largest multimedia projects in this part of Europe. Some of the solutions delivered are so innovative that this part of the world had not seen them yet,"says Grzegorz Góralczyk.

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By • 21 Dec, 2016
• Section: Study cases, OUTSTANDING, Digital signage, Display, signs distribution, infrastructures, Augmented reality