The digital media Infotactile, designed with a vandal resistant 49 inch display, has been installed in one of the most central places of the Riojan city. Among the options offered allows check the bus schedule, buy come and discover the cultural activities of the consistory.

Calahorra has a new digital format that provides detailed information of the tourist landmarks of the city of La Rioja, as well as allowing consultation telephones of interest, buy bus tickets through the company Movelia, read news, take pictures or activities that will be carried out on wine, gastronomy...

This digital totem, which is located in the Central Paseo del Mercadal, is the first device from outside that is installed Infotactilebrand belonging to the company Spring Ideas It has been responsible for the implementation and maintenance of this audio-visual support.

Its design has taken into account their location and the amount of people who are going to use for what this stand, which has a 49-inch screen, has a vandal-proof system.

The installation of the new Infotactile device has the collaboration of the city of Calahorra through its Department of tourism. "This facility is intended to bring the tourist information about the city to citizens and visitors, and from March onwards, you can purchase tickets for the local cinema on the device itself," explained its Councilor Mónica Arceiz. In addition, he confirmed that the Council is interested in that, through the own totem Infotactile, put on sale tickets for Dream Theatre.

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By • 17 Jan, 2017
• Section: Study cases, Digital signage, Display