This 360-degree digital stand is designed to be embedded in a concrete column located in the center of the room, which is connected to three iPads, mounted on pedestal, where users browse by photos, videos and agricultural information It is displayed on the screen of Nanolumens.

JR Simplot is one of the largest U.S. food and agribusiness companies and is one of the largest producers of the world of frozen potato products.

When he decided to incorporate display technology in its new interactive learning center met with in the middle of the room there was a 1.2 meter-wide concrete column. This structure was used for use as a display stand, integrating a curved screen Nanolumens Nixel Series and connecting it with three iPads pedestal-mounted.

The Simplot customer experience Center fosters creativity and research and had to give to the room of equipment in accordance with its objectives. That's why it was decided to take advantage of is column and make it the centerpiece of the room. They chose to Nanolumens technology that could withstand video in full color with a 360-degree view", explains Michael Fornander, founder and President of Boise Technology of Neurilink.

Neurilink is an integrator of telecommunication of the Northwest and the audiovisual environments that specializes in solutions ranging from video conferencing and collaboration of more traditional AV systems and technologies-unified communications of interactive visualization.

This visual support has become the key point of this centre of experience. Users can navigate through the iPads, photos, videos, and agricultural information and display it on the curve Nixel Series.

"We realized that we could turn it into an educational tool that could be handled by several people." Once the idea was conceived designed a system that allows Simplot divide the screen into three distinct sections, each covering 120 degrees of the column and that corresponds to each of the three iPads", adds Fornander.

360 degree screen measuring almost one meter high and 3.6 meters long, provided on plane. One team with three video cards provides the signal to display sections, and each video source is controlled by corresponding section iPad. Simplot decided to incorporate different sections at the top and bottom part of the screen.

"This experience Center is located next to the main entrance in an area through which pass about 800 employees every day. For most people a curved screen is a completely new show and that feeling of futuristic technology is a perfect item for a company at the forefront of technology in food production,"says Michael Fornander.

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By • 24 Mar, 2017
• Section: Study cases, OUTSTANDING, Digital signage, Display, Training