Along with Mediaset Spain have created an experience of engagement which uses the motion detection and emission of hiperdireccional sound so children can imitate the movement of one of its alien preferred as they heard the soundtrack of the series.

Mediaset Spain and the outer circuit of screens Iwall in Shop they have developed an interactive campaign that revolves around the release of the new version of the animated series Ben 10, which has recently joined the children's channel Boing offer.

Through this advertising medium, marketed exclusively by Publiespaña for eight years and that offers sensory experiences able to connect brand and customers at the point of sale, it has been possible to approaching the main protagonists of this series of fictional children.

Developed in shopping centres in Madrid, Barcelona and Valencia, is shown with the aim of strengthening among the smallest gestural interaction and reality augmented through interactive displays.

Using the motion detection and emission of sound hiperdireccional has created an experience of engagement that has enabled younger customers of these shopping centers interact with one of their alien favourites, giving them the option of imitate their movements while they listened to the soundtrack of the series.

In addition, animated 2D graphics that simulated the same effect as Ben 10 Gets the clock that allows you to become alien and give him super powers have been used.

Through their screens, integrated circuit by more than 674 screens and 10 Leds of large-scale shopping malls throughout Spain, Iwall 47 in Shop achieves a kind of non-intrusive advertising, with a high power of segmentation and high levels of memory of the of the sopor traditional teas.

Iwall in Shop is create sensory experiences with tools like augmented reality, the directional sound, gesture and touch interaction and the olfactory marketing, increasing levels of memory of mark (93%) with respect to the brackets traditional (37%), according to a study by the consulting firm Hamilton.

This support, located in malls in all areas to achieve the greatest possible coverage, also offers a high segmentation directed to provide to the customer the most appropriate target based on different criteria (geographic, demographic, schedules or behavior).

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By • Mar 28, 2017
• Section: Study cases, Control, Digital signage, Display, dynamic Advertising, Augmented reality, Simulation