In one of the halls of Terminal 1 installed a minimalistic visual solution that simulates a flower whose petals are configured by Led backlit, and in each one of them consists a curved screen 1, 8 × 3, 6 meters and a pixel pitch of 5.4 mm NanoLume NS.

NanoLumens you have created a spectacular digital support for Toronto Pearson International Airport that combines architectural design with Led technology for curved screens, creating a center of information for the passenger who is so artistic and functional.

This minimalist visual development, located in one of the halls of Terminal 1, is formed by four Led backlit displays that simulate the petals of a flower and is open from the Center outward. Each of them integrates a curve 1 screen, 8 × 3, 6 meters and a pixel pitch of 5.4 mm offering a surround screen of information.

The petals are made of translucent Corian and a large number of multicolored Led that provide a variety of opportunities to be able to be customized. Under each one of these petals is a screen 'halo' of 360º that wraps around the central column of the sculpture and is used to provide information and announcements of the airport. It is almost eight meters in circumference and used the NanoLumens Led technology with a pixel pitch of 4 mm.

This is the last project that this manufacturer has participated with airline company of Canada. However, their relationship goes back to three years ago when carried out the installation of a double-sided 6 × 1 Nixel screen, 2 meters in the larger Montreal Airport boarding gate. A project that was continued with the implementation of two screens of 360 degrees of the same line and measures of 7, 3 × 0, 6 meters each, in the cross-border gate (Transborder Departure Gate USA).

At the Vancouver International Airport, Nanolumens undertook the project of renewing the existing screens with a pixel pitch 10 mm which have been replaced by others of 2.5 mm. These were located in the cross-border arrivals, in the area of customs, and the departures terminal. Your measurements are 9, 7 × 7, 2 meters and 6 / 7 × 3, 6 meters, respectively.

"The screen NanoLumens is very thin, with a minimalist design that looks very good in the surroundings of the installation, but more importantly the image in ultra HD displayed on a stand", says Almir DeCarvalho, Vice President of sales for the company.

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By • 7 Apr, 2017
• Section: Digital signage, Display