The company will be involved in two of the levels of the main building: in the first level will run the exhibition area (from 2,400 m2), dedicated to the host country Kazakhstan, and the second will take place the exhibition area dedicated to hydro-electric power.

Acciona productions and design)APD), subsidiary of the Group Acciona, has been chosen by SML Sembol Construction to carry out the technical operation and execution of the exhibition area of the national flag of Kazakhstan in the International exhibition of Astana 2017It will be open to the public from June 10 to September 10.

'Energy for the future' is the motto of this exhibition and its objective is to discuss and raise awareness about the role of energy as an active inherent to humanity, that should be used in a responsible and efficient manner. The total area of the exhibition complex covers 174 hectares, distributed around the main building, where is located the national flag of Kazakhstan, designed in the shape of a sphere of glass of seven levels on a basis of organic form. Each of these levels is dedicated to a different technology for power generation.

As already ahead Digital AV MagazineAPD run exhibition area - 2,400 m2-dedicated to Kazakhstan as the host country, which is located on the first level, specifically on the basis of the sphere; as well as the exhibition located on the second level, dedicated to hydro-electric power. The first level is directly connected to the public area of the Expo and is divided into two zones. One of them is home to the national flag and the other is related to the innovative projects of energy that are being implemented in the country.

The area to discover Kazakhstan, which highlights the beauty of its nature, culture and traditions, will host a show of videomapping of large format, projected on the inside of a dome of 45 x 14 x 7, 5 meters, which will be used more than fifty laser projectors. The main audiovisual of the show will be synchronized with an interactive event where visitors can learn more about the famous myth of Bayterek Kazakh.

As also responsible for the execution of the exhibition area of the second level of the 'sphere', which occupies a total area of 800 m2 dedicated to hydropower, APD offers in this area various forms of use of water, so that visitors can find anything from a replica of the old mill of Hama and recreational workshops for children, to the most innovative technologies on the harnessing energy from waves and tides, highlighting the potential of water as a source of energy in the future.

APD is also conducting design and exhibition execution of the Spain Pavilion at the international exhibition of Astana 2017, with an area of 868 m2 in which the present and future of the exploitation of renewable resources in our country will be displayed.

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By • Apr 18, 2017
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