This complete and compact console, specially developed for use in boardrooms and meetings, offers a comprehensive and flexible AV technologies, networks and communication, combined with the safe management in the cloud, which will be available in the EMEA market to starting from the month of May.

The proposal of Crestron developing effective corporate automation and control systems maintains its commitment to Mercury, a solution all-in-one for use in boardrooms and meetings at the corporate level, which the company introduced in international competitions of integration (details on) Digital AV Magazine) and since most will be available in the European market.

Crestron Mercury is a compact console that sits on the desk and provides a complete, flexible and effective collaboration, solution to integrate AV technologies, networks and communication, transforming the meeting room into a space of collaboration effective and productive.

This system combines functions of system of collaboration and conferences required by every employee, as well as the implementation of quick and safe management in the cloud, a requirement for managers.

Another of its advantages is that it allows users to perform presentations of content wirelessly to the display of the room using your device (laptop, smartphone, tablet), that integrates the Crestron Air-Media technology. Add to this the possibility of making phone calls with an optimal audio output from mobile devices or SIP standard telephone thanks to microphones and loudspeakers integrated systems.

Workers can easily collaborate with colleagues through Crestron Mercury from your laptop or a system spent in the room using any phone, web conferencing or unified communications application (Skype for Business, Cisco) WebEx, GotoMeeting or Slack).

When you connect the laptop via USB to Mercury, this system provides rich audio as well as high definition viewing from across the room through a USB camera that is included in the system. It is also possible to connect the HDMI output of the laptop or AV mercury source so that all attendees can see content, images and video 1. 080p60 in the display of the room.

Occupation of Crestron Mercury sensors allow that those responsible for maintenance and IT will have data on the efficient use of each room, as well as met the highest standards of safety at the corporate level. In addition, Mercury facilitates the quick implementation of collaboration spaces thanks to the beacons of proximity PintPoint comprising each console.

Crestron Mercury integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Exchange for booking of rooms using the calendar on screen of Mercury. She also works with the touch screens of Crestron Room Scheduling that are installed on the outside of the room.

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By • 21 Apr, 2017
• Section: Thoroughly, AV Conferencing, Control, signs distribution, Telepresence / Videoconferencing