Software lighting LightShark, the new towerlift concept developed by Work Lifters and AV WorkCAD3 platform are the main novelties that will be in Orlando.

In InfoComm 2017, Equipson It will display at its booth the latest manufacturer Work Pro which include software lighting LightShark, the Tower developed by its division Work Lifters and AV WorkCAD 3 platform.

As already it published in Digital AV Magazine, Work Pro launched a few weeks ago a new concept of lighting console that changes the way of working: LightShark. It is a software of lighting that does not need to be installed on a PC or be controlled entirely from a console.

It is a system based on the web, offering the possibility to be controlled from many devices such as a PC/MAC, tablet or smartphone. The first console of this line of Work Pro, called the LS-1, has playbacks faders, buttons flash, encoders and a 4.7-inch screen that interacts with the processor while being simultaneously, via WiFi, the graphic interface and the power of a touch monitor on another device.

This console works completely and independently from the PC or Tablet and even WiFi if you lose never stops and is fully operational. The graphical power of the monitors is developed by the PC or tablet, leaving only processing DMX console. This software allows Web can connect up to 3 monitors with 3 different screens. With up to 8 DMX universes, LightShark offers enough power to carry out events small and medium.

The second novelty of Work Pro comes from the hand of its Work Lifters that presents a new concept of elevation. This line includes a tower line array that supports more than 1,200 kilograms of 6.5 meters of height and other lift capable of carrying 850 kilos to 8.2 m in height. This way, raises the lift without load and once extends, load on the weight with a hoist, so, the winch and all mechanical parts remain unaltered and the lift extends and supports.

To develop this new towerlift, Work Lifters has redesigned the bases of their own towers, offering greater stability when the lift is fully extended, thanks to the new telescopic stands (5 variable positions).

In addition, at the fair it will be possible to check and see the last section of the cable for a better control of the same, and, thanks to the stickers on the charging cradle, the user is informed about the maximum weight that can be lifted in each position.

Work Pro WorkCAd3

'Safer than ever', it is the new motto, Work Lifters been used since a few months ago, a turning point for the brand since the implementation of the new standard DIN56950 and the DGUV V17 / 18 which replaces the BGV C1, which has become obsolete.

Systems such as Wire Drive, running the cable from side to side of the drum of the winch to prevent the passage of wire and increase its shelf life, dynamic overlay that extends the capacity of the structure and robustness, being the result of test towers at an inc linacion of 5% with maximum load, providing better stability and robustness. Dynsys is another improvement of the brand that allows a limitation of lifting against overloads of the lifter and can block the lifting system.

And finally, Work Pro will present the new AV, WorkCAD3 platform. An application that runs on Windows, Android and iOS devices and control audio, video, lighting, etc., providing the flexibility and options in the configuration system integrators need. Your step-by-step wizard and drag- and -drop philosophy provide a quick and easy work environment, where no programming or script knowledge is required.

This platform offers an environment friendly and intuitive, easy and powerful editor to create designs, a control interface responsible for any device, and a fully customizable appearance.

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By • 12 Jun, 2017
• Section: accessories, Audio, Control, Events, illumination