To create the videomapping show were used 19 Roadie 4K45 projectors, which were located on two mobile units and were managed by NUUP software from Mac Pro workstations. The total brightness of the projected image exceeded the 850.000 Lumens.

Christie and Cocolab videomapping in Teotihuacan

In order to revive the greatness of the Mexican archaeological zone, a videomapping was created, for which they were used 19 Projectors Christie Roadie 4K45. Under the name Night Experience in Teotihuacán the pyramids of the Sun and the Moon were illuminated during the last year and a half.

The show, considered one of the largest videomapping projects made in Mexico, consisted of a series of projections that extended over the Pyramid of the Sun, passing through the Causeway of the Dead, until you reach the Pyramid of the Moon, considered a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. These were illuminated with 20 millions of shades of color through Christie projectors, accompanied by a narrator who told the story of the Teotihuacan culture.

The company Cocolab, specialized in multimedia technology, in collaboration with the Ministry of Tourism of the State of Mexico, the Ministry of Culture and under the advice of the National Institute of Anthropology and History of Mexico (INAH) worked for more than a year in the creation of this mapping.

Christie and Cocolab videomapping in Teotihuacan

Through a team of researchers, Narrators, lighting designers, screenwriters, Animators, programmers and engineers, Cocolab managed to build a night experience within the archaeological site of Teotihuacán, developing the technology and contents of the show related to its culture.

The projectors were located in two mobile units and were managed by NUUP software, developed by Cocolab, from Mac Pro workstations. The total brightness of the image projected by the 19 projectors exceeded the 850.000 Lumens, a figure rarely seen before in Mexico.

The Roadie 4K45 used are 3DLP technology projectors, Native 4K resolution to 60 hz (upgradeable to 120 hz) and 45.000 Lumens, they also incorporate Christie TruLife technology that ensures great chromatic realism and image fidelity. Equipment designed for the rental and staging sector, that incorporate warping and blending, allowing pixels to be mapped on any projection surface. "They are very good equipment and gave us the right luminosity and quality so that the experience in this project was of great quality", explains Alejandro Machorro, founding partner of Cocolab.

Christie and Cocolab videomapping in Teotihuacan

Cocolab used the highest scientific standards, lighting standards and criteria for pre-Hispanic and historical monuments, with the slogan that they do not affect or compromise the integrity of the structures or their cultural values, historical and artistic.

the 280 presentations of Night Experience in Teotihuacán, of 45 minutes long, registered an influx of almost 45.000 people in its two seasons. The third season will start this November.

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