The Association, along with the Fisherman Agency, describes in the video are the main agents involved in programmatic buying and how working together.

programmatic advertising

With the aim of offering a key content to increase interest and both media and advertisers confidence in advertising program, IAB Spain, Association of advertising, marketing and digital communication in Spain, and in particular the Group's work in this area,

He has developed with Fishermanpartner and agency specializing in digital media, the first video on this area of high growth in digital advertising.

The data of the study ' European programmatic market sizing 2016', making IAB EuropaThey point out that programmatic advertising represents in this region more than 50% of the investment. As for the Spanish market is concerned, it reached 17.9% in display and 18.6% in video in this period, according to data of the IAB Spain 'study of advertising investment in digital media'.

Therefore, the Association has wanted to respond "to a broad request from partners for this kind of projects, which serve to bring digital communication to all stakeholders", with the development of this video to explain the complexity of the programmatic ecosystem and the large number of actors that compose it.

According to IAB Spain, the objectives of this video are:

  • Evangelize and promote the business of the programmatic buying and selling in Spain.
  • Reflect the concepts and the flow that appear in computer graphics of the ecosystem of programmatic transaction of IAB Spain by 2017.
  • Identify and represent all the agents that are part of the buying and selling of advertising program.
  • Be a tool useful for partners communication and commercial.
  • Transmit confidence to advertisers and the market in general in the programmatic buying and selling, describing clearly the ecosystem, agents, performance and potential.

As says Antonio Traugott, CEO of IAB Spain, "programmatic buying continues moving forward and being increasingly relevant in the buying and selling of advertising space. This video is another step more after the last computer graphics presented last year, who insists the objectives clarify concepts, identify players and transmit confidence to advertisers".

For his part, Juan Manuel Parra, general manager of Fisherman, shows that this digital marketing, native to programme advertising agency, counted from the first day with its own Trading Desk, so that their efforts to get the confidence of the brands in this model of planning, management and optimization of campaigns are based on a continuous experience.

"When we start the confidence and the knowledge of the client and add experience and capacity of the agency - ensures Parra-, we get ever better and stronger strategies. It is very important that key institutions, such as IAB, to contribute to the development and dissemination of this type of content, which lay in common concepts about the programme which, without doubt, is the most important technology for the future of advertising".

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By • 18 Jan, 2018
• Section: Studies, dynamic Advertising