Investment in DooH reached 60.9 million euros and represents a market share over total advertising investment of 3.1%.

IAB report digital advertising2019

IAB Spain, Association of advertising, marketing and digital communication in Spain, has just presented the data of the Digital Media Advertising Investment Study2018, elaborados en colaboración con la consultora PwC, con un total de 1.972 millones de euros, cifra que incluye la inversión en Desktop y Mobile (1.858 M€), DooH (60,9 M€), Native y Branded content (43,1 M€), Audio online (6,5 M€) y Televisión conectada (2,8 M€), con un crecimiento del 13,5% respecto a 2017.

Digital advertising represents a 34.3% penetration of total ad spend, which translates to an increase of more than three percentage points compared to the previous year (31%). The most active sectors in 2018 have been automotive (23.7%); large distribution (10.9%); beauty, hygiene and cosmetics (9.2%); food and beverages (8.4%) and banking (7.6%).

The investment in DooH, represented in this report by six companies, has reached 60.9 million euros and represents a market share compared to the total investment of 3.1%.

IAB report digital advertising2019

Por su parte, la televisión conectada ha registrado una inversión de 2,8 millones de euros, con una cuota de mercado respecto a la inversión total del 0,1%, teniendo en cuenta que en 2017 no se incluyó el dato de inversión en esta categoría. Los datos en audio online, analizados en este estudio por cuarto año, alcanzaron 6,5 millones de euros, con un 0,3% de cuota de mercado.

This is the first year that the study provides the investment data in native advertising, which with a market share of 2.2% has reached 43.1% million euros.

For Belén Acebes, chief operating officer of IAB Spain, "the objective of this study is to give an overview of advertising investment in digital media, responding to the needs of the market. That's why this year for the first time we give native advertising data and Branded content, of Classifieds and we even dare to give an estimate of the investment data in Influencers. It is a study of trends, and although concrete data is provided, the main objective is to assess and analyze the health of each digital marketing discipline."

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By • 25 Apr, 2019
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