From a single screen, and at any time, this solution facilitates the management and control of all sound and Sennheiser communications devices.

Sennheiser HeadSetup Pro Manager Magnetron

TI Headsetup Pro Manager management solution, developed by Sennheiser, allows track, monitor, manage, update, and set up preferences on multiple devices of the German manufacturer (headphones, speakers, telephones, etc.) of enterprise, unified from a screen and in the cloud.

This new tool facilitates the daily work of the professionals, who can be controlled quickly and easily organization unified communications environments, without having to keep track of updates of devices and the interruptions at work, with a more productive and effective management.

Headsetup Pro Manager is an Enterprise SaaS hosted on Microsoft Azure cloud and SQL/NoSQL databases. It's a scalable solution for secure control of remote devices by encrypted communication, which also works in the background to not interfere in the work of the user.

Sennheiser HeadSetup Pro Manager MagnetronIn terms of asset management is concerned, this software from Sennheiser, brand marketed exclusively Magnetrón in Spain, it offers a detailed description of all handsets and Sennheiser telephony speakers installed in the company. From a location specific, provides an overview of audio devices (active and inactive) to identify the registered user, and that the it Department can more effectively manage resources.

In addition, Headsetup Pro Manager provides a flexible and cost-effective way to send the latest software updates all the headphone company Sennheiser, and always at the time that suits both for users as to the Department of computer, so that the least possible impact on productivity.

This software sends configurations centrally or block specifications specific to headset wireless wired and DECT, in order to comply with the configuration that is required by the regulations, both for groups and for individual jobs. In addition, report function facilitates data about the use that is made headphones, with a total inventory control, as well as knowledge of the environment the company's unified communications.

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By • 19 Feb, 2018
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