This historic area of Barcelona has modernized its facilities with new technology and interactive spaces developed by Mediapro Exhibitions.

MediaPro Exhibitions poble espanyol

The architectural and Museum grounds outside of the Poble Espanyol -Town Spanish-, located on the mountain of Montjuïc, in Barcelona, is immersed in a process of modernization which this year reaches its climax and grow in quality and experience with the technology proposal developed by MediaPro Exhibitions, company of the Mediapro group specializing in the design and construction of exhibition and Museum spaces covering different areas, among other business

In an area of 700 square meters of this historic site, have been incorporated into the travel technologies and interactive spaces "that generate emotions, enrich the contents and make the visit much more dynamic and educational, in which the multimedia project is the next big thing", point out from this company.

MediaPro Exhibitions poble espanyol

The objective of this integration of Visual, interactive computers and projection, made by Unitecnic, Poble Espanyol is "to respond to its visitors, which demanded more dynamism on the visit, a message that completed the architectural, artisanal route and" "artistic and a thread allowing you to better understand the content".

So says also Salvador Rovira, Chief delegate of the Poble Espanyol: "with this project we have achieved the objective we had set ourselves and are also sure that innovations are a new and distinct contribution compared to the rest of" cultural offer of Barcelona".

MediaPro Exhibitions poble espanyol

The investment of this renovation has been almost 2.3 million euros, according to the data provided by the company, which explains Gloria Martí, in Mediapro Exhibitions project manager, "has been a challenge to carry out innovation in an area with almost a" a century of history; integrating technology into the environment and put it at the service of the contents in a harmonious way, considering new experiences that enrich the objectives Foundation and, ultimately, contribute to the Poble Espanyol make a place that generates excitement, that dialogue "with visitors in a way that complements the visit while keeping intact its genuine essence".

MediaPro Exhibitions poble espanyol

The multimedia project is composed of three new spaces:

Welcome area: equipped with eight interactive displays that show the information needed to plan the visit and learn the history of the Poble Espanyol. This space also has a model of all spaces, supported by an audiovisual presentation, highlighting the areas in which they have been grouped buildings and points of interest.

Feeling Spain: formed by five audiovisual spaces immersive that recreate the different zones (North, South, Central, Mediterranean), as well as the world renowned Camino de Santiago; all of them equipped with high definition screens that combine audiovisual experience and the scenery with other sensory experiences such as smell.

MediaPro Exhibitions poble espanyol

Party: It is the most prominent addition multimedia project and the new stage of this historic site. This installation recreates through a mapping of large format on two walls of 8x7m, with the help of projection systems of Epsonthe most emblematic popular festivals of Spain, and at the same are represented some of the major popular culture events grouped by concepts.

An audiovisual presentation of large format with cutting-edge technology enters the visitor in customs and character of the people, the emotions, experiences, passions and, ultimately, the soul of the cultures most representative of the country.

The images included in this space have been shot in 4K resolution throughout the Spanish territory for one year, during which have been collected, approximately 180 hours of material recorded at nine locations different from Spain.

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By • 16 Mar, 2018
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