This projector Optoma Full HD integrates settings of warpage and deformation of edges for easy installation and include HDBaseT in its application in leisure spaces and receptions.

Optoma ZH420UST

Short-throw ultra, the new projector ZH420UST of Optoma It is based on its ZH400UST model, while laser DuraCore feeds with light source and adds features of installation advanced to include HDBaseT, four corners and curve correction and deformation of edges.

For James Fursse, director of Optoma Europe product, "ZH420UST is the first Full HD projector 1. 080p of very short reach, with integrated warping and distortion settings, combining incredible flexibility, reliability, and performance." Capabilities for professional installations make this model the perfect solution for museums, zoos, sports stadiums and even nightclubs".

The ZH420UST projector incorporates four geometric corner settings for easy installation quick and precise, ideal for irregular walls or where the placement of the team is little feasible and must be installed at an angle. Because of this flexibility, the images can be projected downward and sideways in 'portrait mode', and the projector can be placed side to produce a high and thin image.

Optoma ZH420UST

For a projection on a large scale, the ZH420UST has combination of edges and deformation. In addition to these features, enabling its use for digital signage applications, model ZH420UST includes HDBaseT entrance simplify wiring requirements to reduce the complexity of the installation, saving time and costs.

The range Optoma DuraCore laser provides a minimum of 20,000 hours of use at full brightness mode. This equipment has been tested and certified with a classification of resistance to dust IP5X, which guarantee its durability and performance without maintenance 24/7 in difficult environments.

This projector offers an optimal color accuracy, with a 114% of coverage of the Rec709 color range, to display sharp and brilliant images.

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By • 23 Apr, 2018
• Section: Thoroughly, Projection