The US firm Cleerline is known to offer solutions for fiber optic durable, reliable and easy-to-complete with respect to others of twisted pair cable available currently.

Cleerline cable Avit technology vision

The specialist for the sector of audiovisual integration Avit Vision It continues to expand its range of professional solutions in the market of Spain and Portugal in order to offer to the market more complete catalogue of products increasingly, which has just added fiber optic of the US firm solutions Cleerline Technology Group.

In particular, this company has revolutionized the connectivity of the fibre cables Cleerline SSF, which responds to the limits of capacity of copper cables to transport the bandwidth that require current video signals, 4K 60 4:4:4 HDR.

The fiber optic Cleerline SSF has been developed so it can settle, handled and finish is equally simple to a twisted pair CAT cable. In addition, thanks to its patented proprietary technology, the company has managed to eliminate the traditional disadvantages of conventional optical fiber, such as resistance to traction, limited angle of curvature, difficulty of completion, necessity of personnel and special tools, etc.

Cleerline cable Avit technology vision

Explains Robert D'Addario, President and CEO of Cleerline Technology Group, "no, we advocate total replacement of cables CATx due to the large number of equipment and solutions in the market today working with them, and that will continue to doing well in the future. However, as systems integrators to let use the wiring for component video some time ago, we think that it will produce the same migration to fibre".

AV systems integration sector is beginning to realize the benefits of using optical fiber instead of twisted pair cable CATx for some moderately long distances between signal sources and displays. Cleerline SSF products solve the traditional problems associated with the installation of fiber, since its use and completion does not require any training or certification and offers maximum reliability.

Cleerline Avit technology visionIt is enough to make a simple calculation to check that CATx cable does not support the latest requirements to distribute video Ultra High Definition content uncompressed. The current HDMI specification needs 18.2 Gbps of bandwidth and CAT6A cable, installed perfectly, is limited to 10 Gbps.

So in the current facility a systems integrator to fulfil the requirement of a distribution of video in 18 Gbps uncompressed it is necessary to use fiber in any of its variations.

Cleerline SSF fiber is more durable and easier to finish than any available CATx solution at present. It offers a minimum curve radius of 2.2 mm. and a capacity of resistance to the momentary stretch of 102 Kg.

In comparison, CATx cable has a minimum curve radius of 85-95 mm. and a resistance to the stretch between 11.3 and 16.8 Kg, which adds that fiber Cleerline SSF can be completed in less than a minute.

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