The Observatory VR attendees can learn proven and practical applications of augmented reality in medicine, as well as the advances of the Yerba good VR company live events.

Hospital gregorio marañon Ruben perez augmented reality

One of the themes of the second edition of the Observatory VR Malaga, which will be held from 18 to 19 July in the Andalusian city, will focus on augmented reality applied to medicine and health using glasses Microsoft Hololens, whose practical application has a proper name in Spain: the surgeon Ruben Perez Mananes, of the University Hospital Gregorio Marañón in Madrid, which will be one of the main speakers of this multidisciplinary event.

Hospital gregorio marañon Ruben perez augmented reality

Precisely one of the fields where augmented reality is getting further practical progress is in medicine and surgery. Doctor Pérez Mañanes and his team have already done surgeries in the Hospital Universitario Gregorio Marañón in Madrid, in which this technology has brought essential information of their patients, of enormous value when it comes to operate, in addition to reduce the time of the intervention.

Rafa Nadal virtual reality YBRV

Rafa Nadal in retransmissions 360 virtual reality

Already eleventh winner of Roland Garros, Rafael Nadal, and the Spanish Davis Cup team, have been some of the protagonists of the experiences of sports broadcasts 360 live virtual reality which will be discussed at the Observatory VR.

The company's technology Spanish Yerba good VR)YBVR), a startup based in Silicon Valley and Madrid, which has developed an innovative platform of video real-time VR, able to withstand massive live events such as sports and concerts, will present their latest developments and experiences in this environment (details on) digital AV).

'Retransmission VR in sport' will be the presentation in which Miguel Angel Martínez, head of business development of YBVR, will share with the audience the challenges posed by this type of broadcasts, some solutions of present and future and the experience of the company in several sporting events.

Caja Mágica tennis open

During the OVR18, the YBVR company will offer a demo of how a game of tennis with virtual reality in high definition, you can see from the edge of the track, living the experience of being virtually on the Court, following the excitement of the game. All this without losing detail in close-ups of television and the evolution of the result, giving the option to the viewer of the camera at each moment you want to continue the party, changing instantly and without losing a second game.

YBVR has been recording to Rafa Nadal and other players of first level cameras up to 8 k, and high quality images have been reproduced live with high resolution sunglasses, currently available on the market.

The ObservatorioVR will be adding so prominent speakers and experts in the application of this technology, such as Nasa, the University of Cambridge, Nokia, doctor Rubén Pérez e YBVR in the Pole of digital contents of Malaga.

Yerba Buena VR

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By • 12 Jun, 2018
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