With a multipurpose stage, currently the most modern in Latin America, and with a Led screen of 200 m2 on the outside, this installation wants to be a reference in the shows of the country.

Colosseum Movistar Arena

After a laborious and complex process of restoring the former Colosseum, the Stadium Nemesio Camacho 'El Campín', the new Colosseum Movistar Arena of Bogotá has opened its doors to the public with the celebration of a massive concert by the Colombian artist Fonseca and the presence of the president of the country, Ivan Duque.

The 37,000 square metre site is the work of Prabyc engineers and the result of a private public partnership (APP), between the Mayor of Bogotá and the Colombian Consortium of Scenarios, which has had an investment of about 22 million euros, and in which Telefónica, through your brand Movistar, is the main sponsor for the next twenty years.

The roof of the Colosseum Movistar Arena is built in tempered glass and metal mesh to improve the acoustics and interior sound, and its exterior facade is featured by a large Led screen, of 200 m2, with a technical grille for support and movement of elements of sound, lighting and special effects.

Colosseum Movistar Arena

Inside it houses a large multipurpose stage, currently considered the most modern in Latin America, which you can enjoy during the shows offered by about 14,000 people. According to the data of its managers, fifty annual events will be held in the first year, in the second 75 and, from the third, more than ninety annually.

To do this, this new show center has advanced acoustics and connectivity in both indoor and outdoor areas, "with the mobile network 4.5 LTE, which will allow 4,000 simultaneous connections per second, with data transfer speeds of more than a megabyte, backed by a WiFi network deployment that will secure 5,000 additional connections and will be offered free of charge to all Movistar customers," they point out from Telefónica.

The Colosseum Movistar Arena in Bogotá has fourteen restaurants (three with exterior access and permanent operation), two lounges, twenty suites, eighteen boxes, commercial premises for catering and 330 parking spaces, while in the outdoor football pitches, a playground and a playground are located Skate, among others.

Colosseum Movistar Arena

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By • 2 Oct, 2018
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