Hillewaere property group has installed, in its headquarters in Turnhout, a display composed of two videowall set up by eight displays BenQ PL552, four on each side of the entrance.

BenQ at Hillewaere Group

Hillewaere Group It is a Belgian real estate agency that manages the sale and rental of residential houses, apartments and commercial buildings. Its nine branches focus on the intermediation of real roots of high range in the provinces of Antwerp, Limburg and East Flanders.

BenQ at Hillewaere GroupTurnhout branch wanted to implement a solution that could attract and retain customers from the moment they entered, and they also needed to update screens throughout his office to make it easier to review and discuss various properties.

The real estate agency carried out this project through the Integrator Selo Systems which opted for its realization technology of BenQ.

To redesign this office two eye-catching video wall have been installed at the main entrance, as well as smart screens of high resolution in the meeting rooms.

BenQ at Hillewaere GroupSolution implemented display seeking Hillewaere for visual impact is formed by eight super narrow bezel (super narrow bezel) displays BenQ PL552, four on each side of the entrance formed two videowall.

With clarity 4K and you bezels extremely narrow, the screens PL552 were optimized to create immersive videowall and seamless. Also has had a number of options for distribution of content, including the ability to stream videos or photos directly from a USB, what did they were very simple to set up and even easier to maintain.

BenQ at Hillewaere GroupIn regards to intelligent signage screens that have been installed in the boardrooms and offices, the models chosen for this project have been the 43-inch ST430K, the ST550K of 55 "and the ST650K of 65". With these teams, Hillewaere employees can provide buyers of real estate a clearer picture of the properties in which they are interested.

Used in tandem with a PC, but also capable of delivering content without an external device, these screens from BenQ were perfect to handle various scenarios of meetings.

BenQ at Hillewaere Group

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By • 9 Oct, 2018
• Section: Study cases, Digital signage, Display