To construct the 15 metres of height curve Led display, had to redesign the 360 Absen H3 panels that have been used to get the angle of 60 degrees are sought. The content is managed by Novastar video servers and MCTR660 drivers.

Absen at Starfield Goyang

Located in the Northwest of Seoul, Starfield Goyang It is the last shopping centre has been opened in the capital of South Korea. This has different shops of fashion, a spa and a park of water, Aquafield, as well as sports facilities, a movie theater and various entertainment venues.

With a surface of more than 135,000 square meters, with 560 national and international brands and hundreds of restaurants, the mall boasts a skylight of 280 meters long that provides natural lighting. To provide an optimal experience of unforgettable shopping, buyers Starfield you have installed a Led display curve of 15 metres in height which is presented as the centerpiece of the new shopping centre. The technology has been used to design of Absent.

With a content that attracts the attention of visitors, developed by Moment Factory, this spectacular visualization solution was installed by the partner of value-added (VAP) Absen Korean, Asone.

Absen at Starfield Goyang

Moment Factory was the company responsible for creating a clip reminiscent of the 1950s Hollywood musicals. The shopping mall Goyang is the second project Shinsegae Starfield by Moment Factory. Previously, it had already made to Shinsegae in a mall in new construction, a separate independent three-sided Led solution.

Tower had square corners of 90 degrees, so that Moment Factory was willing to provide an even more amazing visual experience, taking full advantage of the curved edges and Absen Led performance.

To meet the requirement of Shinsegae, Absen and Asone had to develop a custom solution that defied their engineering skills. The goal was to create a screen that would provide the maximum smoothness so content to move through and around it. Therefore edges inclined 60 degrees are designed. Although most of the design is configured using the Absen H3 range standard panels, curved sides were personalized.

Absen at Starfield Goyang

The curves of the viewing tower have a 60 degree angle, rather than standard 90-degree curves tried so far with success. With this technique, Absen has further expanded the expectations of the videowall curved in public spaces. 500 × 500 mm panels Led Absen H3 were rebuilt in four parts, each with a size of 62, 5 × 500 mm, to be able to reconfigure the perfect curve at an angle.

On the other hand, the element did not require any special support structure, since Absen created curved Led elements to Asone Led acts as a whole, connected and freestanding.

Absen at Starfield Goyang

With a pixel pitch of 3.9 mm and 140 degree horizontal viewing angle, a total of 360 panels Led Absen H3 were integrated to form the Tower display that offers a total resolution of 2.560 × 3.840 pixels. The content of the screen is administered and managed by video servers Novastar and MCTR660 drivers.

Maintenance can be performed from the back of the cabinet of the panel, reducing downtime. Lightweight and slim, the H3 is up to 80% less space than other similar products. With its virtually noise-free design (23.2 dB), helps optimize power consumption: produces little heat and requires no fan, which improves operability.

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By • 16 Oct, 2018
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