Pablo Gutiérrez lighting designer uses 52 multifunction robot Pointe de Robe for the spectacle of this Mexican artist tour.

Gira Fey Pointe (Foto: Louise Stickland)

The current tour Nude multifaceted Mexican artist Fey (singer, songwriter, designer, dancer, producer, Director and actress nominated for the Latin Grammy Awards) was launched recently in city of Mexico with full absolute and will continue the next 2019 for Central America.

For the design of illumination of the concerts, Pablo Gutiérrez has launched a spectacular production of light and videos on stage with systems of Robethat can scale depending on the Setup in which Fey Act.

In this show in the Arena city of Mexico, systems of audio, lighting, set design and all aspects of technical production – including video of La Catrina Films and the rigging TYM Riggers - they have been the responsibility of Live Entertainment, company that Pablo Gutiérrez runs along with Soho Avila, head of production for this show.

Gira Fey Pointe (Foto: Louise Stickland)

With a trapezoidal Pointe luminaires have been distributed on a series of six trusses above the stage, each of which moves towards inside/outside with an automated system.

"Fey wanted to show a strong impression of feminist empowerment in the show and the production in general – explains Gutierrez - and that was what inspired us." Geometry contrasts with the rectangular lines of five large areas of Led video onstage. When they are in position default", the lowest of the six trusses is at the top of the Center screen, so the shape extends towards the public and gives more depth".

Gira Fey Pointe (Foto: Louise Stickland)

To create this visual approach with tantan Led screens on the stage, required very bright light sources to ensure balance. The luminaires Pointe, supplied by the company of local rent Pro3, also provide key light and wash front for the acoustic section of the stage.

This designer uses virtually all the functionalities of the Pointe for the Fey tour shows. So, has created innovative designs and holographic Prism with effects, while the artist makes its rhythmic numbers of power pop. In addition to using them as spot and beam, creating simulations of laser which combine perfectly with actual laser systems Ltd Spectrum 30 of the show.

Gira Fey Pointe (Foto: Louise Stickland)

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By • 20 Dec, 2018
• Section: Audio, Events, illumination, Production