Reference in technical management and complete production of concerts, festivals and major events of Colombia, and specifically of Medellin, the company has continued to invest in these two brands that has achieved a consolidated growth.

Rob Persival productions Medellin meyer soundBased in the Colombian city of Medellin, Persival productions He began his career as providers of audio equipment and currently has a consolidated business video and lighting rental market to offer complete production packages to its customers.

In particular, the growth of the area of illumination has been "slow and gradual in comparison with the audio, but this changed when we acquired our first" Robe "Pointes makes a few Anoshasta that acquired its first Pointes Robe a few years ago, and our success and expansion are closely related to this acquisition of lighting", recalls Mauricio Agudelo, CEO and founder of Persival productions.

In recent years, this company has not only used the Pointes for productions and audio and staging events, but it has increased its investment with the gradual acquisition of units, from the first batches of 32 luminaires to new purchases that have allowed to have a greater range of lights and versatility for their shows.

Rob Persival productions Medellin meyer soundIn addition, the company has also purchased units Spiiders and BMFLs. "when we bought the Pointes, noticed that they started to appear much more in international events that were held in the country, as in stereo Picnic, which is the largest festival of Colombia - explains Agudelo-. At that time there was almost no team of Rob present in Colombia, so we had very successful and was a very good decision."

Persival productions performed mainly concerts, tours and music events, for which also offer services of design or collaborating with the artists DLs. She is also responsible for the event's most important fashion of Medellín, Colombia fashion, which featured in the 2019 Edition with a structure of 48 BMFL sphere with battery lights on the main runway.

The company provides technical management and full production for around fifteen large annual events in stadiums with a capacity of more than 50,000 people, as well as some forty concerts which are attended around 34,000 people in different locations of Medellin.

With this background, Mauricio Agudelo ensures that "Rob has demonstrated what we hoped, with products of high quality, design flexibility, and we have counted with the support of" AVCom Colombia", distributor of Robe for two years".

Happens something similar in terms of investment in audio systems is concerned, with the brand Meyer Sound as a reference, with the acquisition of the first LEO of Colombia.

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By • 27 Feb, 2019
• Section: Audio, illumination, Business