The staging of the opera rock 'Revelation' have been used for 24 MegaPointe, 6 BMFL sphere with battery WashBeam, 24 Zpider, 24 Pointe, 24 150 LEDBeam and 24 like 150 of Robe, as well as 18 VL3500 Wash FX 18 VL3000 Wash effects(1) and 2 cannons Robert Juliat Victor.

EES in hackers of the circus of horrors (photo: Pepe Castro)

Apocalypse, the fourth installment of the Circus of horrorscompany that blends musical theatre, rock and the risk of the circus, has landed in the Madrid magic box after its premiere in Valencia and before kicking off a long tour nationally and internationally.

On this occasion, the spectacle of the circus rock opera moved to viewers on the last day before the Apocalypse, where they put aside their prejudices to plunge into a day without return and great fun.

It is the third work, after of The Madhouse Y Cabaret cursedin which the lighting Juanjo Llorens designer participates in the circus of horrors as head of lighting design. SUSO Silva, director and founder of the company, and he worked on several more shows, including Christmas in the Price, Ice circus Y Magic Circus.

EES in hackers of the circus of horrors (photo: Pepe Castro)

What makes it special to Apocalypse the rest is that it is the largest of them all. Circular tent and central track format has given way to the stage to Italian and Harrow front, with an led display that serves as a Cyclorama of 25 × 8 meters.

This also means that the numbers are much more technical and spectacular, on volume of devices and visual grandeur. This addition to the rock and roll live and a group of dancers extraordinary, making it a macro show combining music, dance and the circus.

Consideration that functions require a complex technical part of Assembly has been the starting point of Llorens to develop your lighting design, since it has conditioned the choice and location of lighting when looking for angles and positions of focal points who would tell his visual discourse.

EES in hackers of the circus of horrors (photo: Pepe Castro)

Starting from there, Llorens has had to face the challenge of various types of language with a single luminous language: the world of dance, rock and roll, circus and humour, and the word of the clown.

For this project we have used 24 MegaPointe, 6 BMFL sphere with battery WashBeam, 24 Zpider, 24 Pointe, 24 150 LEDBeam and 24 like 150 of Robe, 18 VL3500 Wash FX and 18 VL3000 Wash of Vari-Lite and 2 cannons Victor's Robert Juliatbrands that they are represented by Entertainment Equipment Supplies)EES). On the other hand, Smart Fussion was the company responsible for the supply of equipment.

The study of rigging has been done by Rafa González, technical director and member of the circus of horrors, along with Smart Fussion, which have been defined the needs of circus functions, as well as audiovisual requirements and light show.

According to detailed Llorens, after having located a square grille to the techniques of circus numbers needs, count with their height and space specifications, and calculate the forces exerted; a second independent Grill that has made it possible to locate the lights trying to anchor movement will affect as little as possible to their material, and could live elements have been searched.

EES in hackers of the circus of horrors (photo: Pepe Castro)

To make sure that the square structure it was very small with respect to the stage, and taking advantage of the existing third independent structure to hang the screen of Leds, have opened a new space creating a structure in "U" shape.

EES in hackers of the circus of horrors (photo: Pepe Castro)Therein have mounted ones top to lower the height of the light and use it by way of the streets, giving volume to the choral numbers and dance, due to the height of the light (14 meters approximately) was that the stage was empty.

To counter this height, have also located both on the ground and in different parts of the scenery and heights other luminaries who have created various work Dynamics: from a movement on the ground which acts as a forceful way about smoke deflecting the attention of the eye of the Viewer to the aerial numbers, until the magic moments of the show with their prisms, rotations and colors, without losing any quality in the intensity and brightness of the light.

Among the reasons that have led him to opt for the teams of Rob, Llorens has highlighted "the versatility of the different models used", from the 150 like zoom, until the Flower Spikie effect also incorporated in the Zpider, being able to use this last as a great wash and as a focus of effects at the same time.

On the other hand, the Pointe and the MegaPointe series has allowed him to generate environments gobo and special position, without losing any brightness in his career. Finally, the BMFL sphere with battery has been used as front light from a long distance. But, undoubtedly, the great discovery for Llorens has been LedBeam 150, "for its powerful beam generated at the minimum angle, and its bath wash at full angle".

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By • 28 Feb, 2019
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