Installed in the room of an important company in Moscow (Russia), these monitors provide a great technological value in meetings without giving up an elegant design.

Arthur Holm DB2 room Moscow

Retractable monitor DB2 for Arthur Holm they are the technological elements that a leading Russian company located in Moscow wished to equip its new address room, combining performance and contemporary design.

This new project of Arthur Holm has been the installation of a large number of units of the DB2 monitor, giving the room systems work, with which users can view video documents and contents in a simple way, to what is added your flexibil ity to create a modern and diaphanous environment when they are not used, since they are hidden inside the meeting table.

Arthur Holm DB2 room Moscow

The retractable monitor DB2 range generates minimal impact on the design of the furniture for any room, so are easy to integrate, intuitive to use and almost invisible when they are saved. Its mechanics and technology make their movements to open or hide they are very silent and that monitors you can activate and set through a touch pad.

Manufactured in anodized aluminium, these retractable monitors feature a screen with anti-reflective glass to provide high image quality. In addition, these systems allow a configuration and control to locally or remotely through the AHnet Protocol, so that teams can adjust and manage without having to uninstall them from the meeting table.

Arthur Holm DB2 room Moscow

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By • 6 Mar, 2019
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