The new generation DM NVX is one of the main pillars that top the catalogue of Crestron innovations. These were presented at ISE 2019, along with a full ecosystem of solutions for corporate, residential and educational environment.

Antonio Ortega, regional sales manager of Crestron ISE 2019 Electronic

Crestron It is a brand that has settled in the segment control and distribution systems, and as explained in this video interview, Antonio Ortega, Regional Sales Manager, "with integration into NVX and new runways have rewritten the way to deploy systems audiovisual in corporations".

This bet by NVX systems has been reflected during their attendance at IF 2019, fair, which took the company to show its innovations in corporate, residential and educational environment.

Amsterdam was the venue chosen to present the next generation of their DM NVX network audiovisual systems. Also, you could also see the fruits of its strategic alliances with third parties.

Crestron ISE 2019

To develop the next generation of solutions DM NVX, Crestron has counted with the collaboration of Intel and intoPIX. The aim was to provide equipment that will continue in the same line as its predecessors, in terms of the absence of latency and wide compatibility with a wide variety of video formats. In addition, they incorporate the new pixel perfect processing technology.

Antonio Ortega says as all these solutions could see at the booth of Crestron in Amsterdam. "Since the new transcoders that Dante and AES67, support to new equipment DM-NVX-E30 and DM-NVX-D30 for NVX environments that function as a global solution. With our new 'Pixel Perfect Processing' codec we have a latency of 9.4 Ms. "At our booth ensenamosque is negligible difference between a native from a computer or transferred from NVX signal is negligible difference".

E30 and D30 teams are units coding/descodificadoras that support HDMI connectivity and analog audio, with an additional flexibility for basic terminals when only audio and video are needed.

Crestron ISE 2019

Collaborative ecosystem

In terms of its alliances with third parties, it is noteworthy the Crestron Flex solution. A development made between Crestron and Microsoft that integrates thanks to his XiO Cloud platform "and which sets us apart in the unified communications market since a single point we can make deployment, management and maintenance of our entire line of" "product, including CU, reservation of rooms, our system NVX, DPS and control systems".

The new products presented in Amsterdam were numerous but all of them are part of an ecosystem that is oriented towards the digitization of the workspace. "It's noteworthy series Flip Tops, a new DSP integrated natively with Microsoft and new buttons for the environment of education and enterprise."

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