This company has expanded the infrastructure of digital signage in their agencies of Gavà and Castelldefels, Barcelona. In each one of them installed, in the showcase, a display and Inmoscreen software.

Innova Moon Marketing Llar

The REALTOR Moon Llar It has expanded its infrastructure of digital signage and returned to trust in Innova Marketing for their agencies of Gavà and Castelldefels, Barcelona.

Innova Moon Marketing LlarIn these establishments have installed, in their shop windows, a digital format that allows you to display a wide range of properties of high standing. The use of Innova Marketing Inmoscreen software saves them labor and resources having synchronized the monitor with your CRM, so that can highlight the best of its portfolio to attract the attention of the public.

This software also will allow them to also distinguish the contents of both monitors, so that each office displayed a distinct offering their best properties.

Also, on these monitors animations are displayed to promote the offer of new construction and create dynamism in contents, since Inmoscreen allows you to display corporate ads to improve the brand image of its customers.

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By • 12 Mar, 2019
• Section: Study cases, Control, Digital signage, Display