The tents of Espacio 33, located in the Fairgrounds Ifema – Feria de Madrid, have been the setting for the celebration of the RMS Proaudio 2019 Convention, in which professionals and companies from all over Spain were gathered to know the latest news of their brands Represented.

Convention rms proaudio Meyer Digico2019

Innovations Meyer Sound Y DiGiCo, some of them recently presented at major international AV and audio installation fairs, have starred in the Convention RMS Proaudio 2019, which took place on March 6 at Space 33, in Ifema, and who have been able to know in detail and in a practical way professionals and companies of events throughout Spain.

The choice of venue was not by chance, given that in the aforementioned venue the performances of the successful 33. the Musical, equipped by Flight Audiovisuales, with an impressive technical display that includes about 120 Meyer Sound enclosures and a DiGiCo SD10 theater version.

Convention rms proaudio Meyer Digico2019After the welcome by Rafael Jiménez, manager of RMS Proaudio, and part of this distributor's team began the exhibition, theoretical and practical, of the latest technological developments of Meyer Sound and DiGiCo in the main tent.

Specifically, Alvaro Elena, technical and project manager of Meyer Sound España, detailed the characteristics and advantages offered by the new M-Noise test signal, patented by the company, which emulates the dynamic characteristics of music, with a more measurement accurate a speaker's linear peak SPL, in any application that requires music content playback.

For his part, Phil Kamp, sales director of Klang:technologies, a German firm recently acquired by DiGiCo, explained the latest advances in the integration of its personal monitoring systems with binaural technology and immersive audio into the consoles of this manufacturer of which it is now a part, to create sophisticated personal mixing solutions for musicians, including the use of custom HRTTFs.

Convention rms proaudio Meyer Digico2019 KlangAs for the diGiCo news, Fernando Delgado, technical sales engineer of the company in the United Kingdom, provided detailed information of the SD7 Quantum console, which provides an unprecedented level of power and connectivity to date, leveraging the latest advances in processor technology and system design.

This system allows engineers to upgrade to a next-generation technology with no learning curve, in which three FPGAs are used instead of one. In addition, new GTX ports have been introduced, operating at 6.6 GHz and with multiple links between them, interconnected with pairs of wires, and each of these can carry up to 2,000 channels at 96 kHz.

Another first of the rmS Proaudio Convention 2019 was a demo of the first beta version of MAPP 3D system design software by David Lorente, research and development engineer at Meyer Sound in the United States.

Convention rms proaudio Meyer Digico2019 Klang

Great reception of the new Ultra-X40 venue

In audio demonstrations, attendees were able to enjoy the latest releases of Meyer Sound, such as the UP-4slim enclosures, the USW-210P subwoofer and the one recently presented at the fair ISE 2019 Amsterdam (more data in the Special dedicated to this contest) Ultra-X40, which was especially surprised by the power and clarity it is able to develop in proportion to its dimensions and weight.

Convention rms proaudio Meyer Digico2019It is precisely for this reason that the Ultra-X40 demonstration was not carried out, as with other systems, in the hall of the main tent, but on the stage of 33 The Musical, where only two of these enclosures were placed, supported by the LFC-750 subwoofer of the LEO family, so that attendees could hear them from the bleachers of this vaulted tent, of 2,100 m2 and 19 meters high, with extraordinary quality for such a large space.

Finally, the sound designer of "33 El Musical", Javier Isequilla, explained to the attendees the main challenges that he had to face to sound this unique space for the musical, the live performances of the artists and the sound of the stage, and described the different Meyer Sound systems that are spread throughout the enclosure to cover a bleachers with more than 1,000 seats (more data from this success story in this daily), after which they could see it by attending this musical show.

Convention rms proaudio Meyer Digico2019

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