The most important event of Tech Data channel closed balance with one 5% increase in assistance and data of the business this year strategy: a continuous line, focused on adding value in areas that leave little room and optimizing the portfolio, to address a market g wholesale lobal shrinking.

Tech data metic2019

The generation of value in the channel should be a common goal for all, in a market that has shrunk, with 2,500 customers less buying in wholesale, which represents a 14% decrease of movement of business, according to figures provided by the consultant Context, and Paulí Amat, director-general of Tech DataHe has replicated in the traditional press conference on the occasion of the VIII Edition of the channel Metic 2019 in Barcelona.

Tech data management metic2019Some data present in the business strategy of Tech Data, which provides a continuous line "with growth flat and centered to provide and deliver more value in areas that offer little room", said Amat, while points out: "we will not leave any client or stop working with no manufacturer ".

In this process, the company has a good backup, after Bill 38,000 million dollars around the world last year (11% more), reduce debt and having 800 million cash for new investments and selective acquisitions, mainly in the security environment.

Tech data metic2019 maverick avFigures are also on the national market, which attained a growth of 18% last year and that "we've regained leadership in Spain and increased market share by two points," underlines this steering.

The initiatives of the company focuses on optimizing the portfolio of products; in an ambitious programme of sales for the SMB market organization; in the business of Advanced Solutions with NextGen (cloud and security), taking into account also the IoT area and data center, along with the sale of technology as a service, which extends the Renew program, so far from repurchase of mobile phones, to the laptops multi-brand.

Tech data metic2019Also mention the good reception of the initiative Mentori, a program that Tech Data launched in six countries in Europe in April of 2018 to boost the transformation to new digital models of about 280 medium-sized partners, of which 36 are Spaniards.

As explains Santiago Méndez, director of Advanced Solutions Iberia, "have a portal or open information repository to share and collaborate. Mentori is a program very tailored, Tech Data value to the partner, which does not have to assume any cost, and aimed at executives with decision-making power, for we have consultants of first level in sales and marketing, technology, model financial to face this adaptation".

Tech data metic2019 maverick av

Maverick AV Solutions: ten years of specialization

Division specialized in audiovisual solutions from Tech Data has had a space highlighted during the celebration of Metic'19, coinciding with the tenth anniversary of activity in Spain and Portugal, where it has a portfolio of more than 35 manufacturers of digital signage and collaboration solutions.

Tech data metic2019 maverick avWith a bulb clear this year in the distribution market solutions of Led display for corporate environments, rooms meeting and signage, with the proposal from Samsung and Unilumin as referents, Maverick AV wants to transform the channel in the sale of Led and the collaboration of this ecosystem: screens, platforms, software, etc, that will accompany with value-added professional services advice, maintenance, etc.

The division has shown Metic attendees ' 19 three environments: education, collaboration and digital signage, "are three key vertical for Maverick AV", explained Vittorio Salerno, director of marketing for this division.

Tech data metic2019 av promethean maverickAn interactive projector from Epson, first with the Barco WePresent system, was one of the proposals for the educational environment, together with Promethean ActivPanel systems, also for the business market. In addition, Maverick has completed its offer with boat, and in particular, with its new system of wireless collaboration ClickShare CSE-200 +, recently introduced in ISE 2019.

In collaborative environment emphasizes also the proposal dominated by Windows Colaboration Displays, an advanced interactive monitor developed by Microsoft in collaboration with Avocor, the user can connect to using USB-C, and that has sensors IoT around the frame that provide valuable information to the IT Department for the efficient and cost-effective use of meeting rooms.

Tech data metic2019 maverick avAnother fundamental collaboration in the strategy of Maverick AV platform is that revolves around Zoom, along with those of Microsoft and Cisco.

"Zoom Rooms is one of our big bets, with which we offer hardware from several manufacturers in a powerful solution for videoconferencing, digital signage and booking of rooms, all in a single license," says Salerno.

The second version of NEC Infinity Board, and smart Samsung signage solutions, both for interior and exterior, with a strong presence of manufacturer of accessories AV professionals view, she was completed by Maverick AV display at this event.

Tech data metic2019

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