The technology boom has led to the emergence of the so-called 'intelligent spaces'. These environments are needed tools like Sony Teos Manage, which allows all IP devices, projectors and screens can be controlled and monitored centrally.

Sony Teos

Assert that technology plays a key role in our daily life is not surprising. And it is that especially during the last decade, consumer sector has been adopting all kinds of devices and technological advances in order to facilitate several processes, from voice to intelligent speakers assistants.

Thus, it is logical to think that every time they are more those who long to have such facilities in their workplace, where they spend approximately one-third of their day. According to a recent study developed by Aruba Networksservices and benefits as the Internet of things, the Artificial Intelligence (AI) or the cloud should form part of all kinds of professional environments in a practically immediate future.

So much so that the business idea has been diversified over the past years due to the presence of companies in the channels and digital platforms, and, therefore, features such as WiFi or smartphones already are not innovations, but merely given services by fact and anyone.

This situation of change takes special importance if, in addition, take into account that in less than two years the Millennial generation, formed by those known as 'digital natives' constitute more than 50% of the global workforce, according to a survey of the audit PwC. They will expect to have access to the most innovative technologies, and not designed a different scenario.

That is why companies are adopting various strategies to get that workplaces are designed environment to and optimized for digital tools.

Sony teos

The importance of data

Following this idea, the organizations are investing significantly in Big Data, in reference to the massive data analysis within the own work environment, designed to discover market trends, patterns of behavior upward or downward or any type of information that may be relevant to the company.

Currently, large corporations are already knowledgeable impact Big Data can have on its future, while SMEs are still clarifying how to do an efficient and economic use of it. In the end, as shown in the portal PowerDataThese data provide answers to questions that it didn't even have consistency, allowing at the same time reduce costs, make objective decisions based on realities and provide a more accurate response to the needs of workers and customers.

Sony teos

Intelligent spaces

The technology boom has led to the emergence of the so-called 'intelligent spaces', created by corporations to transform workplaces through various digital tools.

Therefore they are necessary solutions for device management such as TEOS Manage of Sony, which allows all IP devices, projectors and screens can be controlled and monitored centrally, as well as integrate with various softwares. This enables you to collect information about how it works currently the template, in order to follow a process of continuous improvement in their work habits.

The inclusion of innovative solutions such as those mentioned implies that employee satisfaction levels are considerably higher, both personally as a professional, since more than two-thirds consider that its strategic role is It develops more efficiently, according to Aruba.

But rather than digital tools, is essential to foster a working environment where reign a fluid communication to allow the productivity of teams. Assign seats strategic depending on the occupations of each team to create spontaneous interaction opportunities, promote the balance between their personal and professional lives and provide spaces for disconnection are some of the recommended measures to complement the transformation of the workplace.

Sony Teos at HL Tech

The future of the offices

While unable to determine at what speed business will be adapting to the new needs of the labour market, it is undeniable that the technology has become a primary catalyst in the achievement of its objectives. Organizations that fail to reinvent themselves and adopt digital data control tools or other devices will be put at risk its competitive advantage.

Therefore, Sony Professional is adapted to the sector and works on the development of a professional experience that is created on the basis of the digital environment to simplify your work, optimizing the management of spaces and improve the collaboration of all teams.

Carl Standertskjold of Sony Europe

Carl Standertskjold

Corporate Segment Marketing Manager of Sony Europe

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