The GX4816 is presented as a central distributor for all stage inputs and outputs; while the DX012 is a 1U rack output expander. Both are designed for SQ and dLive systems.

Allen Heath GX4816 DX012

Allen & Heath expanded its 'Total Inputs and Outputs' ecosystem with two new remote audio expanders: GX4816 and DX012.

The first offers a resolution of 96 kHz and is presented as a central distributor for all inputs and outputs on stage, with a single connection cable to SQ or dLive systems. With 48 dLive microphonic preamplifiers and 16 XLR outputs in a 4U rack chassis, the GX4816 expands the input and output possibilities, also providing two DX ports to offer greater possibilities for expansion or connection to the mixing system ME staff.

Allen Heath DX012

Ideal for sending signal to IEM systems and amplification racks, the DX012 is a 1U rack output expander, specially designed for SQ and dLive systems. With a very flexible switching, its 12 XLR outputs can be configured as 12 analog, 8 analog + 4 AES stereo, or 4 analog + 8 AES stereo. A second DX012, DX168 or DX164-W unit can be cascaded; or make a redundant connection to compatible hardware.

Allen Heath GX4816The new units of Allen & Heath, a brand that distributes Audio-Technica Iberia, are in addition to the offer of input and output options, including 48kHz AR2412, AR84 and AB168 audio racks for Qu and SQ digital mixers; the DX32 modular rack, DX168 notebook and DX164-W wall mount rack for SQ and dLive systems. Larger systems can also benefit from the benefits of the DX Hub expander.

"Many of our customers have asked us for an all-in-one format of 48 inputs to reduce the complexity of wiring on stage. That's what the GX4816 does, as well as being a bridge with our ME personal mixing system. Similarly, the DX012 allows users and installers to deploy outputs at the right point where they need them, for example on the side of the stage, powering racks or IEM transmitters, and allowing for a significant reduction of wiring analog," says Nic Baretta, Product Manager at Allen & Heath.

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By • 11 Jun, 2019
• Section: Audio, signs distribution