The manufacturer has introduced this new range of mixers, destined to live sound, AV and installing applications, consisting of two models that use the XCVI FPGA engine at 96 kHz.

Allen heath SQ Serie audio-technica iberia

The SQ and SQ-5-6 models consist of time the new range of digital mixers SQ Allen & Heath just introduced on the market, available through Audio-Technica Iberiaoffering audio in high resolution at 96 kHz, with less than 0.7 milliseconds latency.

To Keith Johnson, product manager for Allen & Heath, "SQ mixers offer an excellent solution for AV, corporate applications, rental and installation. They offer a compact format, high connectivity and sound quality, as well as the ability to mix anything, from a debate to a full live band, and all this with an incredibly low latency and a pristine sound at 96 kHz resolution".

Allen heath SQ 5 audio-technica iberiaModel SQ-5 incorporates sixteen Preamplifiers and seventeen faders, and can be mounted in rack, while SQ-6 has twenty-four Preamps and twenty-five faders. Both models extended for up to 48 inputs through the wide range of expanders remote that offers signature.

In addition to using the XCVI FPGA engine at 96 kHz, SQ digital mixers incorporate a slot for networks of audio, in which is possible to insert an optional card Dante, Waves or other formats, expanding the possibilities for the integration of systems, splits FoH/monitor and multitrack recording.

Allen heath SQ 6 audio-technica iberiaThe incorporation of SQ-Drive facilitates the realization of high resolution (96 kHz) multitrack and stereo recordings directly to a USB device.

Mixers SQ also can connect a computer (PC or Mac) via USB to interface audio 32 × 32 plug and play, compatible with ASIO and Core Audio, MIDI and DAW control capabilities.

The architecture of processing plug in DEEP from Allen & Heath adds mixers SQ emulated pre-amps and compressors, which are added directly in its canals and mixtures, without adding latency to system and configuration problems.

Allen heath SQ audio-technica iberiaBoth models also integrates an automatic mixer of microphones (AMM) to comfortably manage conferences, debates and television shows, without introducing any latency. The consoles SQ user interface combines a touch screen, with several illuminated rotary controls, and user-configurable to work your way distribution channels and mixtures, with the possibility of assigning names and colors to all the strips.

SQ-5 digital mixer offers eight softkeys, which allows a greater degree of customization, while model SQ-6 has four assignable rotary controls and sixteen softkeys.

SQ is the centerpiece of a growing ecosystem of apps, remote I/O expanders, audio cards in personal mixers that multiply the capacity expansion and integration of the system and network. SLink intelligent port allows the connection of expanders, with resolutions of 96 kHz and 48 kHz from Allen & Heath, as well as the interconnection with another SQ unit or even an dLive system.

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By • 6 Nov, 2017
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