At the fair in Orlando will release the new range of projectors laser 3LCD PT-MZ16K, suitable for use in the classroom, and the teams with Led RGB light of 1DLP for the PT-LRZ35 collaborative environment.

Panasonic PT-LRZ35 and PT-MZ16K

Panasonic will leverage its assistance to InfoComm 2019, to be held from 12 to 14 June in Orlando, to publicize its new developments in the field of Imaging. On the one hand, it has launched range of laser projectors LCD PT-MZ16K, designed to facilitate the work of those responsible for audiovisual companies and universities; and, on the other hand, given a set of equipment with RGB Led light for collaborative environments.

PT-MZ16 series offers up to 16,000 lumens of brightness (PT-MZ16K) and WUXGA resolution for projections of high quality, along with quiet operation (38 dB in normal mode) and a weight of 22 kg. A combination that makes it the ideal solution for large classrooms and halls where seminars are given.

Laser design provides a low-maintenance, which in turn eliminates the need to arrange frequent visits of audiovisual technicians. Reduction in maintenance requirements is guaranteed by a structure that resists dust and ecological filter and reduces the period of replacement of parts to provide a safe and prolonged use of up to 20,000 hours.

Panasonic MZ16K 3LCD

These projectors also feature a series of preventive measures that reduce the impact of technical faults, as the input of a secondary auxiliary signal and monitoring function, which notifies operators when problems arise and indicates what is the fault to facilitate the work of repair technicians.

Also, the installation of the system has been simplified with a LAN of dual system compatible with Digital Link that allows the transmission of HDMI signals, video, and audio from up to 150 metres away. There are also special supports for the roof, together with the function of keystone correction of corners, which accelerate installation and reduce costs.

"The market in audiovisual products for universities has grown dramatically in recent years, which in turn increases the pressure level above technical audiovisual and computer responsible for the maintenance of these technologies in different environments of" education. The new series of projectors laser LCD is designed to reduce this pressure, since it guarantees the performance of the technology for long periods of time with simple solutions in case of experiencing failures", explains Hartmut Kulessa, director marketing for Panasonic Europe.

PT-MZ16 series composed of models (16,000 lumens) PT-MZ16K, PT-MZ13K (13,000 lumens) and PT-MZ10K (10,000 lumens) and its launch is planned for November of 2019.

Panasonic LRZ35 RGB Led

Luz Led RGB for collaboration

Also, within the framework of this audiovisual show, Panasonic has also introduced 1 DLP PT-LRZ35 series. It's his first set of headlamps with Led RGB light designed to enhance use in collaborative environments. This line includes a WUXGA (PT-LRZ35) and another WXGA (PT-LRW35).

These teams of 3,500 lumens, offer high quality colour reproduction to create crisp, bright images and capture the attention of the public. The Led light source also eliminates chromatic alteration to ensure instantaneous projections and permit the immediate use of the projector just one second after turning it on.

Connection HDMI-MHL offers compatibility between projector and mobile devices, as well as the ability to enable duplication of HD displays to configure and share information. This function is essential for those users who are in more than one location throughout the day and, therefore, have access to different levels of connectivity.

Design unfiltered with sealed optical unit and the entry of dust-resistant casing ensures a stable performance and free maintenance for more than 20,000 hours. These features make this projector ideal for classrooms of any size, as well as corporate spaces.

"The rise of digitization in the corporate and educational environments has given a boost to the demand for projectors capable of creating high-quality images on the fly using an easy to use. The PT-LRZ35 is a cost-effective solution that meets these needs to be first Panasonic projector that includes a light source Led RGB with compact dimensions that facilitate its transport,"says Thomas Vertommen, product manager at Panasonic Business Europe.

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