The video conferencing solution manufacturer offers an innovative approach to how to conduct remote video meetings, optimizing the interactions of its participants.

Tixeo presented its latest development to the market: TixeoFusion, an advanced video collaboration platform for remote work teams, offering "a revolutionary approach to traditional video conferencing, optimizing interactions between team members who are gathered in a virtual, collaborative space," as they point out from the company.

Using video conferencing is not always easy for large teams that manage complex projects. Some situations require perfect synchronization and clear, structured communication between participants, for example crisis units.

TixeoFusion addresses these issues and offers a unique and secure video collaboration space in which participants appear as video 'bubbles', which can be joined by generating separate discussion groups within the same meeting.

This way, each participant can create a group or join an existing one at the click of a button. Each group is assigned a different color, making it easier to identify. Of course, there is also the option not to join any group and see the different working groups without being disturbed for maximum concentration.

This way of working gives a remote team a more realistic and face-to-face feel, as if it were face-to-face, "which encourages employee engagement and avoiding the feeling of loneliness when they telework," they say. In addition, some disadvantages of traditional video conferencing are eliminated, such as cross-discussions that would complicate communication when a team is videoconnected throughout the workday."

A new form of collaboration

For the management of a remote work team, TixeoFusion is the perfect alternative to the traditional open space. Likewise, this mode of collaboration adapts seamlessly to crisis units and allows for overall management of operations, while offering specific management in several different action groups.

For the conduct of workshops or distance courses, this solution allows the creation of working groups and offers trainers the possibility to respond easily to individual requests.

TixeoFusion mode complements the numerous collaboration features offered by Tixeo (screen sharing and applications, sending documents, giving remote control of the computer, chat and corporate messaging, etc.), as well as providing a high level of Security.

As noted from the company, Tixeo is currently the only video conferencing technology, certified and qualified by ANSSI, which integrates end-to-end communications encryption (audio, video and data) in multipoint video conferencing, as well as encryption of links between client and server, which can be tested for free for thirty days.

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By • 13 Nov, 2019
• Section: Thoroughly, Telepresence / Videoconferencing