Teams of 2.900 Led lumens and native Ultra HD resolution (3840×2160p), along with ultra portable models are shown at the Las Vegas event.


With a wide and varied proposal in monitors (mainly for the video game market) that integrate OLED displays, Fast response time and refresh rate, Another key sector of the multinational Viewsonic in ESC 2020 is the projection.

The manufacturer shows two models based on Led: X10-4KE and X100-4K, with native 4K Ultra HD resolution (3840×2160p) and up to 2.900 Led lumens (1.000 ANSI), with support for Amazon Alexa voice control and Google assistant and Harman Kardon speakers.

blankThese Viewsonic projectors have HDR content support, Rec color compatibility. 709 and frame interpolation technology (in X10-4KE) and Cinema SuperColor+ technology (model X100-4K).

To this is added the integration of the Smart TV interface in the X10-4KE projector, that allows transmission from the main content sources; Remote control and improved short throw lens that offers faster and more accurate adjustment for a 30 to 200″.

The X100-4K projector offers very quiet operation (23dB in normal mode) and has the possibility of ceiling mounting, with vertical displacement (60%) and horizontal (25).

blankIn the ultra-portable projection segment, also based on Led, Viewsonic presents a very light model (just under 1/2 Kilo), native resolution WVGA and 120 Led lumens.
The M1 Mini Plus model integrates intelligent WiFi connectivity, Smart TV interface, JBL Bluetooth speakers and up to a battery 2,5 hours of duration.

For its part, the projector based on Led and also ultra portable M2, offers a brightness of 1.200 Led lumens, 1.080P resolution, Cinema SuperColor+ technology, support for Rec.709 and HDR content, besides 16 Gb of memory, Harman Kardon speakers and USB Type-C and HDMI connectivity, with WiFi and Bluetooth capability.

One of its novelties is that it incorporates a screen mirroring function, that allows you to send content from a Smartphone through the projector to a screen.

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by • 10 Jan, 2020
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