This solution consists of an IP camera and an informative digital display to show if access is allowed or denied.


Developed for the management and total control of the capacity, both in small and medium spaces (shops, pharmacies, branches, restaurants, Etc.) as great (shopping malls, supermarkets, administration, ...), the capacity control solution of Crambo manages in an agile way the flow of people who access an establishment.

Crambo's capacity control solution consists of an IP camera and an information screen, with access software allowed or denied. Thanks to artificial intelligence technology and its algorithm, the system reliably and safely accounts for the passage of people, controlling the flows of visits to maintain real-time management of capacity and distance, complying with established protocols, with an accuracy of up to the 94%, according to manufacturer's data.

The software takes care of the control and reflects it on the digital screen, which are marketed in sizes of 10,1 or 15.6", in real time through a custom interface, which includes the logo of the establishment, and generates automatic alerts in the panel when the maximum capacity has been exceeded.

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by • 4 Jun, 2020
• section: control, display, Bless you, safety