Peerless-AV at Bussigny Solmani

The Swiss municipality of Bussigny has installed, through the integrator Solmani, outdoor digital kiosks Peerless-AV, equipped with Spinetix players, that work uninterrupted to provide information to their citizens and visitors.

The digital kiosk DOOH of Peerless-AV withstands adverse weather conditions, is impact resistant and offers reliable and uninterrupted operation, features that are critical to public use.

You've seen it in the municipality of Bussigny, in the Swiss canton of Vaud, that with a population of about 9.000 people have selected these digital systems to improve communication with their citizens and visitors.

Peerless-AV at Bussigny Solmani

The municipal authority had worked with the local integrator Solmani digital signage projects in the past, so he contacted a Swiss audiovisual solutions provider to implement a new DOOH project late last year, delayed by the pandemic.

The aim was to improve communication with citizens in various locations in Bussigny, while demonstrating progress in adopting technological innovations that set an example for surrounding municipalities.

The outdoor solution had to be able to withstand extreme weather conditions throughout the year. Since the solution was to be installed in a public environment, it also had to be impact resistant to protect it from possible damage from vandalism and, Of course, offer high image quality so that content was always clearly visible, even in direct sunlight.

Peerless-AV at Bussigny SolmaniWith extensive experience in digital signage, especially in its deployment in towns and cities, Solmani carries out projects in these environments that seek to adopt smart technology to entertain, informing and improving urban life.

Although it specializes in outdoor Led technology, this was not an option for bussigny's project, where an IK10-rated display solution was required. That's why Solmani turned to Peerless-AV through Spinetix and the Swiss wholesaler Stilus AG.

Both companies had collaborated with Peerless-AV on numerous projects and their outdoor digital kiosks were recommended for this project. Solmani specified the model KOF555, with integrated display Xtreme High Bright Outdoor Display 55″.

Peerless-AV's Xtreme KOF555 digital kiosk offers a simplified installation, with an ultra-thin and elegant design that protects and ventilates the screen. The structure is sturdy, with a pedestal base designed to withstand uninterrupted use and facilitate assembly on an existing base or concrete. Security locks prevent unauthorized access and vandalism.

This equipment can run smoothly at temperatures from -35oC to 60oC, the largest in the sector to date. Its patented dynamic thermal transfer system keeps internal components properly cooled in extreme heat conditions, while its fully sealed design, IP68 rated, prevents water from entering, dust, moisture and even insects.

Peerless-AV at Bussigny Solmani

The screen glass is optically attached, which increases the perceived contrast ratio and reduces reflections, providing optimal image quality, even in direct sunlight. It also has an impact-resistant tempered glass cover with IK10 rating.

Two KOF555 systems with 55 Xtreme display have been installed for this project″ at Bussigny Main Station, a third in the city center and a room in the North. Once the concrete bases dried up, the units were screwed and installed quickly and easily by two Solmani engineers.

Each unit has a custom IP65 box for electronics, including the 4G router and Spinetix media player, and the graphic designer of the City Authority of Bussigny controls and updates the content with management software.

Peerless-AV at Bussigny Solmani

As Pierre-Fran'ois Charmillot explains, executive secretary of the city of Bussigny, “Solmani offered great project management and service. Outside kiosks have been up to expectations and have impressed our citizens, who have made positive comments, appreciating 'friendly' information’ and dynamic that we're providing, from COVID-19 updates and security announcements to city news and events, Etc.”

Solmani's CEO, Grégoire Galland, stresses that “Peerless-AV has been a great support in this project, as it has provided an ideal outdoor solution, as well as technical advice and consulting at all times. Bussigny's municipal authority is considering installing more outdoor kiosks this year and, No doubt, we will look to partner in other projects with this manufacturer in the future”.

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by • 10 May, 2021
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