PPDS partners with i3

The association of PPDS with i3 Technologies brings great benefits to the educational community for interactive learning, for the exchange and creation of content on Philips T-Line screens.

PPDS has joined cloud education software specialist, i3 Technologies, to bring the teaching and interactive learning skills of i3LearnHub to the screens Philips T-Line.

Both companies work to provide advanced education and this partnership will make PPDS interactive touch screens, including Philips T-Line models (designed exclusively for education), have access to i3LearnHub.

Reconocemos el valor y las capacidades que se pueden lograr combinando nuestras pantallas con un software líder y de confianza, benefiting our partners and, which is more important, the end-customer experience. All of this gets even easier with our Android SoC, offering a more familiar open platform, lo que permite utilizar las soluciones que se prefieran y no tener limitaciones de hardware”, comments Chris Colpaert, PPDS general manager.

The i3 Technologies platform makes it easy to create and digital learning in the cloud, stimulating student collaboration. The Philips T-Line range complements your existing features and capabilities with the addition of i3LearnHub, providing teachers and students with instant access to a wide range of new educational and collaborative tools.

The solution is designed to help teachers customize content optimally, turning classrooms into highly collaborative spaces and facilitating hybrid learning.

i3LearnHub is very intuitive, which means no training is required. Creating and displaying content is quick and easy, even for distance learning, using any connected device, either PC, tablet or mobile phone.

and, alongside the wireless sharing functionality of Philips T-Line displays, the whole class can connect and work in person or remotely, on the home screen from your own devices.

Create a community

i3LearnHub not only provides a rich library of tools and images, but also has a thriving and growing community of more than 50.000 education professionals, where teachers around the world share ideas and best practices.

Through i3MarketPlace, teachers and content editors can help by creating their own lessons, testing and sharing with the entire community for use and adaptations.

Con Philips T-Line, we demonstrate our ability to improve the way teachers and students collaborate, either in front of the screen, from your own chair using your personal device or, even, from home. i3 Technologies complementa esta solución añadiendo más herramientas de aprendizaje y abriendo una excelente plataforma en la que la comunidad docente puede compartir las mejores prácticas”, explains Gert Van Erum, CEO at i3 Technologies.

Features i3LearnHub :

  • Educational content for all ages: Delivers content creation resources ranging from a collaborative whiteboard to a large library of digital content, including augmented reality and 3D content.
  • Fun and engaging activities: It allows you to create a large number of activities and share them, either remotely or in the classroom.
  • Cloud storage: Save time, because it's possible to reuse content easily and privately with Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive. Content can be managed individually or in bulk, and from the desk.
  • Classroom shares with i3Lens: Images captured with mobile are automatically uploaded to the personal gallery on i3LearnHub and are ready for later use in classes.
  • augmented reality: This software recognizes physical tools, compass and ruler, combining traditional and digital learning tools. This makes it easier for students to understand concepts with shapes, geometric sizes and positions.

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by • 26 May, 2021
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