Absen Moscu Domodedovo Airport

The digital signage infrastructure of the Moscow Domodedovo Airport consists of several videowalls and large format screens, installed inside, as well as C15-31 teams, located on the outside of Absen.

Absen has completed the installation of digital signage at Moscow Domodedovo International Airport, one of the largest in Russia and the eighth busiest in Europe. The project has had two large Led screens of more than 1.200 square meters shown on the periphery of the airport, providing passengers with dazzling visual enjoyment.

formerly, Absen had already designed for this airport display screens of 1.149 square meters, including large format Led videowalls in the billing and duty free areas, in addition to Led panels installed at the departure and arrival doors, and the corridors. These are mainly used to display flight information, route and ad search charts.

Absen Moscu Domodedovo Airport

Screens on the outside

The success achieved in the first phase has allowed Absen to continue to expand the digital signage infrastructure with large format Led screens located abroad. Two ultra-high definition Led screens have been installed in the airport parking lot and have become an integral part of the entire building.

For the DOOH installation of the Moscow-Domodédovo International Airport, the Absen model has been used C15-31 and measure 24×25 meters and 60×11 metre, respectively. These are reliable solutions that display digital advertising.

Absen Moscu Domodedovo Airport

The C15-31 panel is an ideal model for foreign advertising applications in countries such as Russia with weather conditions and special architectural features. Its brightness can reach 10.000 nits and offers vivid and accurate color images and optimal visibility, even in direct sunlight.

Its slim, lightweight design, with front and rear maintenance, combined with transparency of up to 67%. A solution with strong wind resistance, optimal heat dissipation performance and the ability to offer an Led solution without compromising visual quality.

Absen Moscu Domodedovo Airport

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by • 27 May, 2021
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