Absen en Catalyst Connect

The Catalyst Connect virtual studio is a space of 200 m2, which hosts a presentation scenario of 50 m2 with a led backdrop configured with a screen Absen Aries MiniLED and a pixel pitch 1,5.

when Catalyst Event Production Services, based in Scotland, wanted to design and launch a new virtual studio, chose Absen Led solutions to make the idea of creating an installation capable of transforming live events a reality.

With the arrival of the pandemic, the company decided to create a flexible solution to continue offering its event production services to clients, while respecting the limitations of COVID-19. and, for that purpose, it was created Catalyst Connect. A space of 200 square meters, located in its Perth offices, which hosts a presentation scenario of 50 square meters with a backdrop Led.

When Designing Catalyst Connect, the company wanted to be able to offer a fully customizable solution, with professional audio systems, lighting and 4K video. The virtual studio was not only intended to serve the presenters online and in person, it also had to be able to host live broadcasts, recordings of broadcasts and live votes.

Absen en Catalyst Connect

To achieve this, Catalyst Event Production Services wanted to create a videowall that provided a high quality definition, that adapted to the flexible uses of the studio and met the expectations of customers.

Catalyst Event Production Services opted for the model Absen Aries MiniLED with a pixel pitch of 1,5 Mm, acquired from the British distributor PSCo. With its 170° viewing angle and high contrast for vibrant and attractive content, this was the Led screen with 4K resolution for interior, ideal to respond to the requirements of the virtual study.

The display ensures a quality production backdrop that can perfectly represent a customer's brand with vivid details, while ensuring a clear message and impactful communication. As a MiniLED solution, the screen is very robust and simple to install, thanks to absen's magnetic installation features, which offers an automatic lock/eject system.

Absen en Catalyst Connect

With this screen that allows a clear visual communication, The Catalyst Connect study ensures that companies that rent space benefit from a virtual event platform that can live up to any challenge that is required. In addition, against the ability to host live streaming events with an audience of up to 80 present.

Cataylst Connect has been in operation for almost a year. “Hemos tenido un flujo regular de trabajo de empresas que quieren elevar sus presentaciones virtuales para que coincidan con sus valores de marca existentes y para superar las limitaciones de los seminarios web desde las oficinas en casa”, comment Graeme Craig, Director General of Catalyst Event Production Services. “Los clientes han comprobado que el valor añadido de los eventos virtuales o los seminarios web mediante el uso de un estudio virtual supera el coste de implementación”.

Absen en Catalyst Connect

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by • 8 jul, 2021
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