Yamaha Rivage PM10

The latest version of the firmware (5.0) for Rivage PM series digital mixing systems Yamaha also includes a new master bus processor plugin from Rupert Neve Designs (Rnd).

Digital mixing systems Rivage PM of Yamaha are continuously improved with regular updates of firmwarE, providing mixing engineers with new features and intuitive controls.

The version 5.0 includes new features to offer “the best mixing experience in the industry, the most flexible and the most pleasant from the sound point of view”, as they assure from the manufacturer.

the Portico II Master Buss Processor (P2MB) is a recreation of the Virtual Circuit Modeling (Vcm) of the Master Buss Processor of RDN, offering the ultimate in dynamics, stereo tone and field control for the stereo master bus.

Based on high voltage signal paths, discreet and class A that became famous in the mixer Rnd 5088, P2MB redefines the limits of traditional two-channel compression and throttling. Although it was originally developed for mastering, mbp became the favorite of mixing engineers, monitoring and live streaming.

When the Portico II Master Bus Processor was introduced on the market, “the company's forecast was that it would be used primarily for studio mastering and mixing applications., while it was a pleasant surprise to become a standard for the Foh, with hundreds of tours using it as the final piece of the signal chain”, Remember Josh Thomas, CEO and co-founder of RND.

Yamaha Rivage PM v5

Flexibility and monitoring

With its VCM technology, “Yamaha has achieved an extremely faithful digital replica of the MBP, one of the most complex analog processors we produce -adds this manager-. We look forward to hearing the advantages of this new emulation at concerts in the coming months”.

The firmware of the version 5.0 Yamaha Rivage PM also provides additional flexibility to mixing engineers, with features such as monitoring and operation of wireless receiver systems Sennheiser, Shure and Sony, among others.

After the announcement of the new AFC image patented by Yamaha, that gives users full control over the immersive image in a given space, the firmware of the version 5.0 rivage PM provides remote control to the AFC image.

The vision 3D panorama object-based and other features help create agile and efficient workflows to deliver innovative and immersive audio experiences at live events. This firmware update, free for Rivage PM owners, can be downloaded from this link.


Yamaha rivage pm5

Increased compatibility

In addition, this updated firmware adds full support for the network control protocol Open Sound Control (OSC), that allows you to remotely manage a series of parameters, such as fader and mutes levels, pan submissions, mixing and matrix, delay times and scene memory recovery; ideal for use with theater automation and broadcast automation systems and software.

“The version 5.0 rivage pm firmware includes many features requested by users. We are sure that everyone - from current customers, users who perform live streaming and other new forms of entertainment, even potentials will find this important update beneficial”, Says Chihaya 'Chick’ Hirai, general manager of Yamaha's public address marketing and sales department.

Hirai also highlights “the successful collaboration with RND, which has been fundamental to the sound of our digital mixing systems since 2012. the plugins for the Silk processing, EQ and compression add attractive color to the Rivage PM input stage and the plugin P2MB is the culmination of the first foray into the start stage with RND. We are excited to help foster the legacy of Rupert Neve, founder of RND and professional audio legend”.

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