Planar CarbonLight VX

The new generation of screens Led CarbonLight VX of planar improves its offer for virtual studios with optimal image quality and versatility, taking another step in the production of realistic content on display.

The manufacturer planar has presented the series of screens CarbonLight VX, qualified as the new generation of Led display solutions, optimized to respond to the needs of the growing virtual production (Vp) and the market of extended reality (Xr).

With a patented and lightweight carbon fiber construction, The Series Planar CarbonLight VX of led video of thin pixel supports installations in walls, indoor ceilings and floors. Ideal versatility and flexibility than VP applications, Current XR and transmission need, with exceptional visual performance in the camera.

This includes environments that span movie scenarios, streaming studios and entertainment venues, as well as educational and corporate facilities.

Planar CarbonLight VX

Planar Studios Initiative

Presented as part of the initiative Planar Studios (more data in Digital AV), the CarbonLight VX series reinforces the latest and advanced selection of Led display systems of the manufacturer, bringing the performance and capabilities that today's XR and VP professionals need to create realistic on-screen content.

Based on its renowned and popular range of CarbonLight displays, the VX series offers vp and XR customers Led display solutions that support a wide range of sizes and configurations, providing a flexibility so far not feasible in virtual studies.

"We are committed not only to promoting the state of the art for the world's most visionary content and story creators, but that this will be more accessible and impactful for more customers in more markets.", affirms the vp. Executive of Planar, Adam Schmidt.

the Led videowall are currently a critical element in VP and XR applications in studios, “y la serie CarbonLight VX separa a Planar del resto -añade-, both for delivering best-in-class visual performance and for its unmatched deployment versatility, addressing the needs of the creative and technical professionals of today and tomorrow".

Planar CarbonLight VX

Versions and configuration

The new CarbonLight VX series, which begins to be marketed this July through Planar's global network of distributors, it has two lines of Led screen: VX CLI and VX CLF, designed to integrate seamlessly and easily with VP and XR stages.

In the case of Planar CarbonLight CLI VX, supports configurations and installations of videowall Led pendants, wall mounted, independent and curved, plus other unique creations that are meant to help smaller scenarios look bigger.

This includes 90º corners, which are possible thanks to the beveled edges of this series. It also allows customers to remove and install cabinets anywhere within the videowall without interrupting the overall design.

Available in pixel sizes of 1,9 and 2,6 Mm, Planar CarbonLight CLI VX series features models with controllers from supplier Brompton VP.

Planar Studios VP XR

Trabajar con el equipo de Planar para llevar las características de procesamiento de producción virtual líderes de Brompton a la nueva e innovadora serie Planar CarbonLight VX ha sido una experiencia realmente positiva y colaborativa -ha señalado Rob Fowler, director of business development at Brompton Technology-. We share the development of pioneering technologies that deliver unsurpassed performance, lo que nos permite presentar una solución completa y fiable que respalda la demanda de los clientes en los mercados de VP y XR”.

The Planar CarbonLight CLI VX series also features models with VP controllers from Colorlight, and as indicated by your customer service manager, Gary Tong: “nuestra integración da como resultado una calidad de imagen impecable y experiencias de visualización mejoradas, that allow VP and XR professionals to take their projects to new heights".

With optimal image quality, Planar CarbonLight CLI VX series features compatibility Hdr, improved thermal management and uniformity, accurate yet flexible color management and a wide range of colors for greater compatibility, including color space DCI-P3 with the Planar CarbonLight CLI VX model 1,9.

Planar CarbonLight VX

This series also includes high frequency of Led update (of 3.840 hz) para admitir un movimiento suave y ofrece frecuencias de cuadro, que van since 24 to 144 hz, para garantizar la compatibilidad con varias configuraciones de la cámara.

Además de ofrecer un rendimiento superior de imagen en el estudio de la persona y la pantalla, los espacios de píxeles estrechos de la serie Planar CarbonLight CLI VX admiten distancias de visualización cercanas, lo que permite que el público vea el contenido a una distancia de 4,2 metros sin ver ningún píxel individual en la pantalla.

Planar me dio la oportunidad de conocer la nueva serie CarbonLight CLI VX cuando aún se estaba desarrollando -recuerda AJ Wedding, director y cofundador de Orbital Virtual Studios-. A los pocos meses aportar nuestra opinión, la empresa presentó una solución que es perfecta para presentar el contenido tan realista que nuestra empresa necesita para dar vida a las visiones más imaginativas de las empresas”.

The new line of led videowall also presents a common cathode architecture to consume less energy and heat, with high-strength carbon fiber frames and brackets for quick and easy assembly.

For its part, the new CarbonLight CFL VX series features a pixel pitch 2,6 Mm and can be used to create a continuous, high-resolution visual canvas for scenes in the camera, virtually expanding physical environments.

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