QSC Q-SYS certified for Google Meet

The certification of Google Meet enables IT integrators and end users to select from any processor QSC Q-SYS Core.

Google has certified the platform QSC Q-SYS for use with your Meet hardware kits. This certification allows IT integrators and end users to select from any processor Q-SYS Core or USB audio bridge endpoint, regardless of processing or I/O requirements, to ensure seamless integration with Google Meet hardware.

Q-SYS Core processors are powered by Q-SYS OS, which was designed around standard IT protocols, a flexible and complete control motor, with an intuitive and easy-to-use software package (Q-SYS Designer Software). This allows you to develop functions at the software level, including best-in-class audio and AEC processing, eliminating the need for dedicated hardware parts and simplifying the integration process.

In addition, gives IT integrators and end users the flexibility to use a wide variety of AV-to-USB terminals that meet specific high-value space needs without compromising function or performance.

“With Google we share a progressive vision to solve complicated problems with software”, explains Jason Moss, vice president of alliances and ecosystems at QSC. "By certifying Q-SYS, has enabled this ecosystem's broad portfolio of solutions to deliver consistent, high-quality Google Meet experiences in high-value spaces”.

All Q-SYS Core processors are certified for Google Meet, including Core Nano, Core 8 Flex, Core 110f, Core 510i and Core 5200 .

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by • 31 Aug, 2021
• section: audio, AV Conferencing, business, Telepresence / videoconference